Valentine’s Day or Friends Day?

I consider Valentine’s Day as a very commercialised day (although which special day isn’t?), so I prefer to make it as little about presents. Here, in the UK Valentine’s day is the day for the lovers, but Finland, where I come from it is a day for friends. We used to send lovely notes to our friends on Valentine’s day and not only boys, and the whole day was wrapped around amazing friendships. Then, when I watched TV-shows about Valentine’s day I always dreamed of getting my own Valentine’s day card from a boy, but now that I see how I would like to spend a lovely relaxing day with my boyfriend and have a rejuvenating day with my friends as well.

Valentines of Friends day - byLiiL

For somebody who’s friends are far away, celebrating Valentine’s day with them can be hard. I don’t really want to send them cards, but a nice and long letter can put a smile on their face. A letter can be written on a recycled paper or through email or other messaging apps with a picture of the two of you having a fun time. I personally love getting letters and messages from my friends, makes me smile every time!


However, if you want to send a card, try to choose one made from recycled cards. Block Forest cards are some of my favourites with their lovely quirky little animals and they have cards suitable for lovers as well as friends. Their cards are eco-friendly and even the display sleeve is biodegradable. How great is that!

Valentines of Friends day - byLiiL

Pictures are from the BlockForest shop.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s day or Friend’s day?

With love,