Sustainability Causes And How To Support Sustainability

I got recently asked to share and write about what causes I care about and why, and I thought it was an interesting idea which I don’t know why I haven’t written about before. I hope it is obvious from my blog that I care deeply about sustainability, how to make my lifestyle more ethically sustainable and how to inspire others along the road.

Sustainability in itself incorporates a broad spectrum of different causes; there is no one cause that could handle all that is happening around the globe from climate change, to ocean pollution, animal abuse and inhumane working conditions. I do think all of this is part of the sustainable framework. Causes that fall under sustainability are so numerous it can be difficult to pinpoint which is a good place to start. According to “Before the Flood” documentary the biggest polluters on our planet that are driving the climate change are burning fossil fuels, deforestation and agriculture, on the other end numerous reports are sharing that ocean pollution is killing the marine ecosystems.

Before The Flood Documentary And Review - byLiiL


To help understand what needs help there are several documentaries that also spread awareness and if you haven’t seen them then I definitely recommend them!

  • Before the Flood – Climate change, how it is affecting our planet and what can be done to prevent further temperature rise.
  • Racing Extinction – Animal extinction, what is affecting it and a little bit about how it can be reversed.
  • Chasing Coral – Although this concentrates mainly on coral reefs it addresses how climate change is affecting our oceans and what will happen if it continues at the current rate.
  • Plastic Ocean – (I haven’t seen this yet, but it is on my watchlist) About the plastic pollution and how it affects our oceans.
  • The True Cost – How fashion industry has an effect on climate change, environmental erosion and inhumane labour conditions.

Sustainability Causes And How To Support Sustainability - byLiiL


Here are some of the causes that I am inclined to support, spread a word around and follow.

  • Marine Conservation Society – A UK based marine conservation society that concentrates working towards healthy, pollution free and sustainable seas.
  • Conservation International – Is a US-based international conservation programme: “Our long-term goal is to safeguard the world’s essential ocean and coastal biodiversity and most productive ecosystems in order to maximize the long-term ecological, social and economic benefits for people and nature.”
  • Oceana – In an international advocacy organisation that is focused on ocean conservation. Their vision is to win over policy victories with countries that are leaders in marine life governing.
  • RSPB – Bird and other wildlife conservation, mostly based in the UK.
  • Soil Association – Soil Association is a charity and an organic certification based in the UK. It works towards providing sustainability by providing a good framework for organic farming in food, textiles and beauty items, and providing those small businesses with support towards making their organic business work.
  • Labour Behind the Label – An organisation concentrated on changing the way garment industry workers are treated across the globe, especially in areas that make most of our clothing. They campaign for change, spread the message to customers who in return can push further, lobby with legislation makers and put pressure the companies that still allow this. Making employees working spaces safer can transfer the number of toxic chemicals used in making garments.
  • Rainforest Action Network – Is a US-based but internationally working organisation working on preserving forests around the globe, protecting the climate and uphold human rights.
  • Trees For Cities – Is a UK-based charity working on planting trees in the UK and internationally into urban areas to clean the air, revitalising areas and improving people’s lives.

There are many other charities and projects that could use help and these were just a few that I felt I wanted to mention.

Sustainability Causes And How To Support Sustainability - byLiiL

In addition, I really want to mention two businesses that I am very impressed about. Ecosia is a search engine, which in reality is an extension to google, but it generates ads money to the company which they use to plant trees around the world! And Done Good is a browser extension, which can be used while googling or browsing websites. If there is an ethical alternative to the items you are looking at it will provide a pop-up alert on the side of the browser to let you know about it. In addition, it alerts you if the company supports the current US president or sells any of his products. Both of these extensions are free to download and use, but the Done Good is currently only available in the US and Canada.

Sustainability Causes And How To Support Sustainability - byLiiL


I think when it comes to sustainability and protecting our planet we should start with our own actions; stop using single-use plastic, stop littering, using more renewable energy, recycling. That is already a great start and many people don’t need to do more. But if you are passionate and want to commit to making our planet better not only for us but for the next generations to come there are additional things that you can do:

  • Spread the word about the issues and how to overcome them.
  • Support causes that you find important in fighting the climate change and other global or local problems.
  • Donate money to a charity or organisation that is working on these issues.
  • Donate your time by organising fundraising events, documentary viewings, information sessions or even just gather within your local area to discuss how you can make a difference there. Eventbrite is offering a discount to non-profit and fundraising groups who organise their ticketing and registration through their website. It is a great resource to have!


Just writing this post got me excited to help out with ocean conservation and thinking about whether I should organise an event as well to spread the word or even have a documentary screening in my local area!

What causes do you support? Share them in the comment box below, I would love to hear about them!

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Disclaimer: I did not receive compensation for this post. All the opinions are my own.

What Was I Up To In August

August was again very busy for me, mostly working and working some more. I am so happy it’s finally September and I have my two little holidays to relax and rewind! I am also more excited about this blog and the direction I am going with it with more sustainable and fashion posts, as apparent from the posts in August (I hope you like it as well) and following the inspiration of new month and new beginnings.

Happy Favourites of the Week - Enjoying the Little Moments - byLiiL

I started posting Sustainable New of the Month, which is just a collection of sustainable articles I’ve found very interesting although there are many more! I shared TED talks about sustainability and talked about Sustainable Fashion terminology. I wrote reviews on Before the Flood and Chasing Coral documentaries, which I do recommend for you to watch. In addition, I wrote opinion pieces questioning whether Big brands are stealing small brand’s thunder and Why do we expect fashion to be cheap.

The FINE Deodorant - byLiiL

Otherwise, my month was slightly better with finally finding amazing natural deodorant and sharing with you the amazing Lush cuticle cream. I’ve also been really enjoying books and my friends’ company, and the little moments in life!


What were you up to in August?

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Before The Flood Documentary And Review

Before The Flood is a documentary about climate change. It follows Leonardo DiCaprio after he becomes the United Nations Messenger of Peace on a journey to witness how climate change is dramatically impacting the world currently. He talks to politicians and scientists and discovers what people are doing to avoid further damage and those who are strongly denying climate change. It discusses what is affecting the climate change, how it can get worse, what is the tipping point from which there is no going back, what are the consequences and what are the solutions. So all in all, it is the well-rounded information pack to understand climate change.

Before The Flood Documentary And Review

I quite liked the documentary, although I didn’t find a lot of new information on the topic. It scraped the top of the information about climate change, without going any further within the complexity of the problem, which I would have enjoyed more as I am already quite aware of the general problems. I also found it a bit too concentrated on the US and their politics, even though their viewers are probably from around the globe and have a very different political stance with the problem. Of course, the solutions they presented would help the whole globe, but not everybody has the opportunity to act on the solutions. The one thing that was disturbing me while watching it was the dramatisation of the issue. I see climate change as a dramatic enough issue, without having to dramatize it further.

What I did get from the documentary was the feeling of urgency and almost that we have lost hope, but not quite. They offered great solutions such as carbon tax, which I think would be a great solution for the western countries in particular if it was implemented in the right way (not only to consumers but to businesses as well). I got reminded of how influential the US is to other countries without even trying to be; this shakes me every time. What it also made me think about is even if people know and see how climate change is affecting others or know how it might affect the future generations, they do not act urgently enough if it is not affecting them immediately or monetarily. It is too distant of a threat to think about in the midst of all the other problems they might be having. It is a sad realisation and drives the problem further.

Before The Flood Documentary And Review - byLiiL

What I find more interesting than the actual documentary is the Before The Flood website. In covers basically the same information as the documentary, but you have time to look into things and find more information. The website has an excellent account of how is our climate changing, what are the primary causes, what does the future look like, where will people be hardest hit, the many different solutions they are advocating and snippets of the whole journey that DiCaprio takes throughout the documentary with the experts he interviews. The website promotes taking action!

Before The Flood Documentary And Review

As I said the documentary was a well-rounded information pack to understand the climate change and aimed towards people who are not well informed yet. If you find yourself having problems understanding climate change then you should definitely check it out!

To check the website from where all the photos are from as well go here. You can rent or buy the documentary on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. If you want to hear about the other sustainability documentaries that I’ve seen and written about: Racing Extinction and True Cost, you can check them here.


Have you seen Before The Flood, or are you planning to watch it?

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