The Two Sustainable Documentaries to watch

I find it sometimes difficult to find all the information that I want about companies or problems in industries. When watching these two documentaries I realised why. The reality is disturbing and even more horrible at times, than what we could imagine. I felt depressed to learn the truth, but also appreciative and I got new motivation towards more sustainable decision making. So if you are not too sensitive, I would recommend both of these documentaries. They are eye opening and informative, and I believe them to be important to see!

Sustainable documentaries - Racing Extinction - byLiiL


This documentary’s main objective is the extinction of animals and how human’s are affecting it. Because of this reason, this documentary touches  a much wider problem. Why the animals are getting extinct, what is driving it and what are the possible effects of their extinction. In addition, it shows you the dirty secrets of different parts of the world.

This documentary is beautiful and moving. This documentary is depressing and at points, I felt like I was loosing the faith in mankind and over this world. I cried a fair amount. After watching the documentary and feeling sad for the world for like 15 minutes, I got new energy and motivation to become more sustainable and make a better decision.

Sustainable documentaries - True Cost - byLiiL


It wasn’t too long ago when I wrote about this documentary ( you can read about it here), but I do think it is one to watch about the sustainability. It considers mainly fashion and textile industry, but it is relatable to other industries as well. It tells the many layers of the industry within the supply chain and the problems before and after the making of the garment. This documentary offered some advice on what people should do and, although, it was depressing I got a lot of motivation to be more sustainable.

Racing Extinction is available in the UK on Now TV, Amazon and iTunes, you can check more about it on their website. True Cost is available in the UK on Netflix, Amazon and iTunes and you can check more about it on their website.


Do you have advice for any other documentaries about sustainability?

Pics are from Racing Extinction and True Cost websites.

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