5 Easy Sustainable Fashion Changes

Following from the 5 easy sustainable changes I wrote previously I thought of sharing some advice relating to fashion items, which are much more of the interest to me.

5 easy sustainable fashion changes - byLiiL

1. Only wash your clothes when you really need to wash them. Clothes do not require to be washed often and especially if you have them from natural fibres (cotton, wool, silk, linen) they are good for much longer than synthetic fibres, which often make people sweat more. Air your clothes well after wear instead and they may last you longer and in better condition.

5 easy sustainable fashion changes - byLiiL

2. Investigate what clothes you really like to wear. Look into your closet and check which clothes you wear often, what style and colour they are and, which ones you rarely or not at all. Knowing the style of clothing you are comfortable with will help you when you shop, as it can reduce impulse buys of trendy fashion that you might not actually wear in the end. So really dig into why you like and don’t like particular clothing. Good examples for this are this anti-haul post and this spring wardrobe post.

3. Take care of your garments. Repair the rips, sew back buttons, take them to the seamstress to fix bigger problems or fit it to your shape and clean as instructed. Did you know that many people would rather through the garment away rather than sew back a button, which is easy and pretty quick to do as well? Caring for our garments will make sure they last longer and will not end up filling our landfills.

5 easy sustainable fashion changes - byLiiL

4. Invest in pieces that you know you will be wearing a long time. I would say do this after the number 2, once you actually know what you like and feel comfortable wearing. I find that when I invest in clothing I take much better care of them, I spend money on things that I really want and can see myself wearing a long time. Not always, but often when you spend more on a garment it is made with good materials and craftsmanship, unlike the high street garments on the market which are designed to fall apart after few wears. Check this post out.

5 easy sustainable fashion changes - byLiiL

5. Donate and sell the garments you are no longer wearing. There are so many charity shops which will take all your donations and either resell them or recycle them into a new use. Many of the garments we are not wearing can be also sold to new owners who will love them. You get rid of an item you don’t like without it landing on the landfill and get money for it! Ebay and Depop are good places to check where you can sell your items.


Do you have any additional sustainable fashion changes to my list?

With love,