Card shopping

This week was my best friends birthday. Living in different makes me miss her a lot and so when a special occasion arrives I feel the need to give her the best loving message possible. This year I decided only to get a card, to ease the sending process, and was surprised at how difficult it was to find a decent card. The shops are full of funny and quirky cards, however none that provided the message I wanted to give my friend. Fortunately on the last day I found this card, which I new she would love, from the Oliver Bonas store. It was a lovely turquoisy colour from inside and blank to let me write my own lovely message for her. (I did actually take the plastic of the card, just forgot to take the picture that way. Live and learn!)

After sending the card I had a wonder around the Etsy shop in search for quirky and nice cards, in case I would need to buy another one any time soon. I am quite picky with my cards, but was able to find surprisingly many and wanted to share them with you as well. If you love any one of them, you can click on the link below to go into the particular etsy store.




il_570xN.746940204_4kbmBecka Griffin




Where do you look for nice cards?

With love,