Want An Ethical Advent Calendar?

Everybody loves Advent Calendars, from the basic picture ones to the chocolate ones and now we have different beauty, alcohol, tea, you name it. However, they are not always the most ethical or sustainable options. If you want to be surprised you don’t check what’s in them and can end up getting products that don’t match your values, and this is before all the packaging involved with the calendars and how expensive they can get. There are many great alternatives though and some that don’t have to cost you a fortune.

Want An Ethical Advent Calendar? - byLiiL

Buy an Ethical Advent Calendar

This Natural Bee shares 3 natural and organic beauty calendars which do sound beautiful and great for trying out new products.

Ecco Verde has great options for natural and organic beauty, chocolate and tea calendars.

Want An Ethical Advent Calendar? - byLiiL

Make Your Own Advent Calendar

Mindful Mom Blographer shares excellent options and ideas for making your own that also gives back and is activity based. It is a great option for families with younger children, but why not to couples and friend groups as well as it encourages spending time together!

Lego Calendar doesn’t have to be bought as the calendar lego has created. Those calendars don’t offer much to build and have excessive packaging. What you can do is get an old advent calendar with drawers or pouches, get a full lego set, spread it into 24 or 25 days so that each day there is a little bit of building to do. Take pictures of the instructions and add them to appropriate days into the advent calendar or send the pictures on the day. Now you have yourself (or for somebody else) a bit more affordable but fun lego calendar which will definitely be liked.

Want An Ethical Advent Calendar? - byLiiL

Story calendar is one I have been doing for a couple of years already for my friends and family who live a bit further away from me, but who I want to cheer up before Christmas. I write up a short story with 24/25 “chapters” in it. Each chapter is short enough that they have the time to read it during the busy period, but still has enough story to them to keep the readers interested. This also makes me practice my English writing, storytelling and research for the stories. And I’ve learned that this is something my friends and family love each December and can’t wait for. It doesn’t cost much but your time.

Alternatively, you can either fill each day with different ethical or sustainable treats such as chocolates, zero waste products, mindfulness quotes, little beautiful loving notes, poems, send a great song per day, you can fill it with anything that you or a person you are making it for likes. To make it sustainable make sure you can reuse the packaging for next year or for something else, or even better do it from recycled materials such as toilet paper rolls. I compiled some good examples on a Pinterest board here.

Want An Ethical Advent Calendar? - byLiiL

After all, Christmas is not about spending lots of money, but rather about sharing love and kindness, forgiving people and yourselves. The advent calendars should mirror exactly that! I hope you found some inspiration from here, but I would also love to hear about your tips.

What kind of ethical advent calendar do you like?

Want An Ethical Advent Calendar? - byLiiL

With love,


4 thoughts on “Want An Ethical Advent Calendar?

  1. I love story advent calenders. As a child, my mom would buy a new advent storybook each year and we would gather around each evening to read the story of the day.


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