Happy Favourites of the Week – Calming Candles in the Sun

The beautiful sunny days – I haven’t spent many days outdoors, only a couple, but I’ve enjoyed my fair share of the sun whilst working and staring out the window. My cats are enjoying it even more than I, and it warms my heart even more!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Calming Candles in the Sun - byLiiL

Zamir’s Bunker Buddies – This song is not my favourite in the world, but its message is to the point.

How #MeToo Revealed The Central Rift Within Feminism Today – This article is brilliant to raise discussion and awareness in different opinions about feminism. My favourite part was about Federici’s Wages for Housework campaign, which as an idea feels absurd, but then again most of the housework is done by women who rely on their husbands to provide for them and treat with respect. It might not be the answer, but it does raise a problem that we are facing when discussing equality.

Happy Favourites of the Week - Calming Candles in the Sun - byLiiL

Ruby – I just finished this book which I couldn’t put down. It was absorbing, even though many parts of it made me really sad and angry, but the other side was so beautiful. Reading it was definitely a rollercoaster for emotions and still I recommend everybody to read it!

Northern Light – This is the first time I am reading Philip Pullman, and the only reason I am reading it is the big commotion around his writing when he published the Book of Dust. I didn’t think I would like the book quite as much as what the hype was, but since I started the book I don’t want to put it down, I am so enthralled in the story! It is almost as though the book is my daemon and I can’t be away from it. It’s a shame I didn’t read the story when I was young! And I found the second book from the trilogy in a charity shop so I can keep reading the story instantly!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Calming Candles in the Sun - byLiiL

New soy candle – I’ve been very nervous in the last week because of few problems. There’s been this knot in my stomach and my mind has been wandering without being able to focus on anything. The only thing that could ease my mind was doing some yoga, but especially when I light up the candle I received from my fiance a couple weeks ago. The scent is so delightful and calming that I can just sit smelling it and I feel my head emptying. I need to get more of them!

What’s Wrong With My Succulent – This post is what I’ve been looking for for a while now. Although succulents seem to be the one plant that I can keep alive best, I’ve had a few die on me and felt helpless. This post though answered all my questions in a very simple way and even the comment box was hugely helpful. So if you have succulents check it out!!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Calming Candles in the Sun - byLiiL

Spring Clean – I am not big for cleaning, but I hate when all the corners are full of random stuff. Yesterday we finally started our spring clear out (it might take several weeks) and went through our closet that is full of things that we don’t need anymore. We took 4 bags of clothing that we wouldn’t wear any longer (and that accumulated into those bags for the past 3 years) to the local charity who seemed very happy for the donation. I wish there was a better system in place so that I know these garments will be recycled, but until then this is the best option.

Organic Beauty Week – Although I am always trying to research new things about sustainability and wellbeing, weeks like fashion revolution week and organic beauty week help me to concentrate the research at that point. Organic beauty week helped me to learn about organic beauty certifications and feel more confident with the beauty brands that I use.

Happy Favourites of the Week - Calming Candles in the Sun - byLiiL

Glasgow Coffee Festival – Last weekend I visited the Glasgow Coffee Festival which was quite an exciting event of trying different types of coffee from various Scottish coffee roasters, a lovely local tea by Pekoetea, kombucha made by a locals and new local chocolate makers, Rebel, that have reduced the added sugar compared to the high street chocolate and instead added protein to make it more nourishing for the body. And it was the first time I got to try some Matcha latte, I am not sure yet whether I like it or not.


How was your week? Let me know in the comment box below!

With love,


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