Happy Favourites of the Week – Spring Vacation

A vacation – I went for a vacation to Crete for a week, which was very much needed although confusing. I am not used to taking it easy during the day, so when all we could do was stroll slowly through the city, sitting on the beach, staring at the ocean and enjoying our time together. It was wonderful and it was so difficult to get back to a routine once I was home.

Happy Favourites of the Week - Spring Vacation - byLiiL

Gelato – During my holiday not a day went by without some gelato. I was sad that I couldn’t find any kiwi gelato, but pistachio and coconut were good second options! Gelato was also a saviour on those truly hot days when you felt like you were just overheating.

Chania – Chania is a beautiful little city with great restaurants and cafes to enjoy the delicious Greek food. I tried so many new things and was surprised how I enjoyed everything. In addition, we visited archaeological museum and 3 different beaches during our stay. The most beautiful part is, of course, the Venetian harbour and the Lighthouse, although I felt all the touristy restaurants along the harbour did cheapen the experience a little bit. Crete has a deep history and anybody interested in history can definitely find lots to do there!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Spring Vacation - byLiiL

Fashion Revolution Week – Although I was away for half of the week from my usual routine and I couldn’t find any events in Chania, I ended up just following what is happening on Instagram and was so impressed and inspired by all the people who were posting about this great movement! Now I think we should be continuing on demanding more sustainable and transparent supply chains from all fashion brands and not just during the Fashion Revolution week!

Swim in the Sea – I haven’t swum in the sea or a lake in a few years. Growing up in Finland we spent our summers swimming mostly, so now that I finally had a chance to go swimming I took it, even though the sea wasn’t quite warm enough. Actually, the sea was freezing cold, but spending some time in it made it feel warmer, and it was such an enjoyment and so refreshing!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Spring Vacation - byLiiL

Eugene Onegin – Yesterday I went to see an opera Eugene Onegin. I love mixing some culture into my everyday life and this tragic love story was quite a delight. For such a small theatre it was very well made and the singers and the ballet dancer were great!

Cherry Blossoms – I was afraid that I would miss the cherry blossoms while I was away and it is my favourite thing during the spring in Scotland. So I was over the moon to see that they are only starting to bloom around the city and I can enjoy their full blooming period now! They are so beautiful!!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Spring Vacation - byLiiL

The Alps – While on the plain to Crete I saw the Alps, and I couldn’t take my eyes of the magnificent beauty of them! Definitely my favourite thing on an otherwise boring flight!

Magnificent sunset – I love sunsets and often watch them, when possible, from my window. So seeing one in Crete whilst having a long and quiet dinner was such a delight. That was definitely slowing down and enjoying the moment. The sounds of the sea and birds and the colourful sunset with a glass of wine, what more could you want!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Spring Vacation - byLiiL


How was your week? Let me know in the comment box below!

With love,


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