Happy Favourites of the Week – Something Good

A gentleman in Moscow – I finally finished this book! I was very intrigued to read it, but from the beginning, I felt like the book was dragging. It was written in a very upbeat sense, but somehow I found it hard to get my head around the book. Until I got to the middle point and then I was hooked. This book is situated in Moscow at a time of revolution and tells a story of how people had to adapt to their new lives. Unlike many such books, this held the focus on beautiful relationships, beautiful memories and beautiful food.

Happy Favourites of the Week - Something Good - byLiiL

Starting Good Summit – I get to participate in a starting good virtual summit where I get to expand my knowledge on sustainability issues and how to work to make things better! There have already been so many great talks and inspiring ideas. Ernesto Sirolli’s Changing the way how to give aid was very passionate, but also with a great point! And Jan talking about the future of work was something everybody should listen to, to be prepared for the future of their careers. If you are interested in this go check them out: Starting Good Virtual Summit.

Fiance making dessert – This is a rare treat to get fiance to make me different desserts that we’ve not tried before. I am usually the one who makes desserts so it is great that I do not have to be doing it!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Something Good - byLiiL

Spring is on its way – It might not seem like spring is coming, but there have been a couple of nice sunny days, which are rare in Glasgow. Also, the ever-horrible/wonderful appearing spiders… they are back. I might be okay with them if the warmer days are on their way! We moved our clocks last night, and although today is a bit of a tired day I know that there is more sunlight every single day! I can’t wait for Easter next weekend!

Meeting new inspiring people – I am doing a certain course this week, where I’ve met several very inspiring people with different skills that I am very admirable of. It’s wonderful to see people who are different and can work so well together!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Something Good - byLiiL

World Water Day and Earth Hour – This week saw two important dates to connect us to our planet, one for the water and one for the earth. Both immensely important and I was really inspired by all the posts on Instagram and around the web to support this connectivity. We are all fighting to have a better place to live in and have a better place for our future generations so we should be working on this together!

I won a book – I am taking part in the Our Shared Shelf – book club and a couple of weeks ago got the notice that I won their last book club book, which I hadn’t yet read or acquired: Why I No Longer Talk About Race With White People. I am excited to read the book and about winning a small competition!


Happy Favourites of the Week - Something Good - byLiiL

The Best Coconut Oil – We often don’t even think whether the food we eat actually is sustainably produced. So I was really happy to find out that Reviews.com did a research into several coconut oil brands and their coconut oil production and checked which ones are actually produced sustainably. Luckily for readers who live in states, this review considers mainly USA brands. For the rest of you, I thought this was a great article to see how you can question what you put into and onto your body. How to figure out whether it is sustainably sourced and how to go about it. I would still love to learn a lot more about this topic but this was definitely a great start!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Something Good - byLiiL


How was your week? Let me know in the comment box below!

With love,


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