Happy Favourites of the Week – Books and New Year

Alias Grace – Not the Netflix show but the book. The show looks so enticing I had to have and read the book before watching it. Santa obliged and I am almost halfway through the book already and can’t stop reading it is so interesting!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Books and New Year - byLiiL

Exploding Kittens – My sister introduced me to this game a while back when she last visited me and since then I’ve had the feeling that it would be a nice addition to our slowly growing board and card game collection. Finally, during the Christmas break, I just had to have it and I ordered one and we’ve been playing it a lot ever since. Funnily, the game is so quick, even with my very competitive nature I don’t mind losing the game as new one will be played soon.

Lovely Holiday Time – As the last happy favourites were before Christmas and this one is long overdue it might as well include the lovely time I had while on break. Christmas and New Years were both lovely, quiet and relaxed. We played a lot of board games, saw some of our friends and I completely lost my sleeping rhythm having to painfully try to get back to it now. I enjoyed long mornings with a book and a coffee and delicious food with cheese nearly every day. I rarely let myself relax quite this much, and managed to finish two books, which I had prolonged for way too long, by the end of the first week of January.

Happy Favourites of the Week - Books and New Year - byLiiL

The next set of reading – As I finally finished three books that I had been reading for ages I started a whole new selection of books. I didn’t use to read so many at the same time but find it helpful for different situations. I don’t like to read anything too exciting in the evening as then I won’t sleep, but the Sex and World Peace is a course book for international relations, which doesn’t leave me imagining what will happen next when I am trying to sleep. And I don’t often want to carry a heavy or thick book with me when I am travelling so I am always reading some ebook on my phone. At the moment it is A Gentleman in Moscow.

New plant book – I’ve been wanting a book about plants for so long and as you might’ve read in the goals post I finally received one. Now I should have a better understanding of how to take care of my succulents!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Books and New Year - byLiiL

Delicious Food at Nan Tuk – Our newest favourite place to eat in Glasgow is Nan Tuk which offers tapas style Asian food. The food is delicious and the “tapas” style portions are quite big. Two portions are enough to get you full and satisfied.

Finally back to yoga again – It is one of my goals to get back and used to yoga. I almost went earlier on but my cold came back right on the day when I was planning it. This time it was no stopping me and the feeling afterwards and during was great! Now my muscles are sore but happy!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Books and New Year - byLiiL

How was your week?

With love,


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