Sustainable Christmas Present Guide 2017

Christmas is the time when people get crazy to get present for their loved ones and generally we spend a lot of money not only on presents but also on food and decorations. This is the perfect time to buy from your local little boutiques and businesses supporting them at this time of the year and you will most likely get gratitude on top of your shopping, unlike from the high street stores.

Last year I shared my Christmas present guide, which you can find here, but this year I wanted to add a bit more to it.

6 Santa's helpers - byLiiL

Bake or Make Food Items – One of the favourite presents that I have given anybody was when I’ve gifted cheesecake that I made. That was dessert sorted! There are so many other things that you can make for your loved ones from homemade granola and jam, bread and so on. Check this Pinterest board for ideas.

Make Presents Yourself – In addition to food, you can make presents that are meaningful and don’t break your budget. My family has loved self-made calendars for the year, photo books, self-made pyjamas and woolly socks. If you are good at something or want to get better, well then this a perfect time to practice while you make presents! Check this Pinterest board for ideas.

Personalised Presents – Many little shop owners make quality items and personalise them to their customer’s needs. I found a great jewellery designer who made personalised necklaces and bracelets on Not On The High Street when I was getting a present for my friends birthday. Etsy is also a great resource to look through if you want personalised anything from jewellery to kitchen items and fashion.


Potted Plants – I love having plants in my house, I probably get it from my mum, and will always love it if I got potted plants as presents. At the moment I am growing little succulent seedlings that I hope to pot at some point and give as presents to my family.

Delicious Foods – We once got a box of beer for Christmas from a local brewery which the present giver new that we liked. Of course, presents don’t always need to be alcohol any preservatives, superfood packaging, luxurious chocolates, coffee or cheeses could be a great gift. To be more sustainable make sure to buy local produce and be sure you know they are not sensitive to any of the ingredients. Check these out for inspiration: eden project, almighty foods and your local farm or grassroots shops.

Handmade one-of-a-kind items from Artisans – There are a few shops that sell artisan-made items which can be absolutely beautiful and surely nobody else has anything like it! Check Wild Tussah, Ebb and Thread and Nandi Berlin.


Kits for growing Herbs or other plants – This was something I was really wishing for last year. I really wanted to grow a bonsai tree.

Sustainable Fashion and Homeware – Socks, scarfs, blankets, pyjamas – these are the things most people love to get for Christmas and it is even better if they are sustainably and locally made. Check Honest Rosie, Doo.Bla.Vey, Elborne living, People Tree, Siizu, Matt and Nat, Luva Huva, Primrose and Pixie, Buy Me Once and Gather and See.

Books from Independent Stores – Amazon has taken the world by storm, but in effect, independent stores are losing on sales and good quality writing and books are getting lost in the popular junk books that are on the markets right now. When buying from an independent store chances are you get the service you deserve!


Experiences – The one thing you can gift is not wrapped in paper and I have a whole other post for these so stay tuned!


What kind of gifts do you like to receive or give?

With love,


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