Happy Favourites of the Week – Confidence

Networking Night – Networking, it’s the dirty word in the career life and the thing we should all be doing to get ahead. It is also what I have been afraid of so far! I am not big on socialising in big groups of people, where most are strangers who I don’t know. I am not big on putting myself into other people’s conversations and I feel pushy if I ask people about theirs (although apparently, I shouldn’t feel that way, people like it!). This year I finally realised that if I want to get ahead in as a freelancer I need to work to get to know people and get my name out there. So when the first opportunity that I could really take, presented itself I pushed myself, even in the exhausted state that I was on the day, to go to this event. I knew few people in there so it didn’t feel quite as scary. The night was a success. I got few new enquiries into my freelance work, potential clients, and I got introduced to many people who had apparently already heard of me and my work. Maybe I should be going to more of these nights?

Happy Favourites of the Week - Confidence - byLiiL

Confidence – It is a big confidence boost when other people notice that you are good at something, but it is even a bigger confidence boost when you realise it yourself and believe in it! It can often be difficult to admit to oneself that they are good at something, it can feel like bragging. But I think we should definitely be able to recognise, at least to ourselves, that we are improving in whatever that we do.

This post about Healthy Laundry – Ecocult wrote a great article about how to do your laundry in a healthy way and I am loving it!!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Confidence - byLiiL

I got my ring back – Last Happy Favourites of the week I told that I got engaged, well since then my ring has been resized, which wasn’t done properly and the stone fell out. Thankfully I found it so we took it to the jewellers to get it fixed. It took over a week, but now I finally got it back! Funny how such a thing can feel so much a part of me after such a short time. Every day I felt like something was missing from my finger. I guess it really belongs there!

Lovely new dark chocolate – Green & Black’s Velvet edition dark chocolate with salted caramel is to die for! The salted caramel is not too sweet or too salty and it compliments the dark chocolate excellently. It just melts in your mouth. Loving it!!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Confidence - byLiiL

Flowers from friends – The past couple of weeks people have been sending us congratulation cards and wishes, but one of my good friends brought in this beautiful bouquet, which made me smile every time I saw it. It is a great lift up within a busy hectic week!

Power – The book was very interesting and had a fascinating premise! I enjoyed reading it, even if it wasn’t my all-time favourite book. It raised good questions and a different way to look at feminism and equality. An excellent read that I do recommend to everybody!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Confidence - byLiiL

How was your week?

With love,


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