Happy Favourites of the Week – Trips and Wildlife

A Trip to the Isle of Mull – We had a visitor for the week and to make things more interesting we decided to visit the Isle of Mull. I was really excited about Isle of Mull being one of the best places for wildlife watching, although we only saw a bunch of birds and seals, it was still exciting! The island was beautiful and Tobermory charming! And I will have a separate post about the trip soon.

Happy Favourites of the Week - Trips and Wildlife - byLiiL

Seeing New Lanark – Another trip we did with our guest was to the New Lanark, the Unesco World Heritage site, and a Brick City which was on the site as well. It was quite a fun day. I enjoyed learning about the history of New Lanark, play with Lego’s and have a walk along the river Clyde and the Falls of Clyde. If you want to read more about New Lanark I wrote about it here.

Beautiful Ring Neck Parakeet – After a week of trying to see wildlife in different locations around Scotland, we finally saw something exciting in a park next to our house! Due to a warmer climate in the Scotland (affected by climate change), a family of Ring Neck Parakeet have moved to the park next to us. They are these beautiful green parrots that look absolutely out of place there. Nevertheless, of the horrid truth of climate change, it is interesting to see how life finds its way.

Happy Favourites of the Week - Trips and Wildlife - byLiiL

Seeing Highland Cows Finally – While on our drive I finally got to see the Highland cows. It is quite unbelievable that it took me this long to see them when Scotland should be littered with them.

Guests – It is always lovely to have guests. It is new kind of socialising that I don’t do daily and it is amazing to see people who you see rarely! You get that extra energy after their visit for some time.

Happy Favourites of the Week - Trips and Wildlife - byLiiL

Mull Heather Soy Candle – As the weather has been getting colder I’ve been enjoying using candles again. Not often, but it does make a chilly day a lot more comfortable. On my trip to the Isle of Mull, I found this candle in one of the little local shops. I loved the scent, which was natural and gentle, and it is made out of soy. Score!

Print Pattern Book – I love books! Both that I can read and that provides me with inspiration. So I was absolutely thrilled to find this print pattern book in the shop at New Lanark. It is about the history of prints and patterns with beautiful imagery!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Trips and Wildlife - byLiiL

Now looking at the points I see that mostly I was excited to see animals and it definitely is one of the most exciting things in life!

How was your week?

With love,


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