Chasing Coral

Chasing Coral is a documentary about the effects of climate change on coral and coral reefs. It is a highly emotional, beautiful and a dramatic film about documenting how coral reefs are dying and the majority of the world’s population doesn’t even know it. The Netflix Originals documentary filmed by the Exposure Labs has won a couple of awards and was chosen to several film festivals.

Chasing Coral - byLiiL

I thought this documentary was absolutely beautiful, with the beautiful scenes of the corals and the underwater diving, as well as the human emotion for the dying corals. I wasn’t prepared to be so emotional after watching a documentary about corals! I do wish they had addressed more deeply how coral reefs dying affects the ecosystem around it, the human’s who depend on it and more widely the planet, as I am sure there is so much still to understand on this topic. In addition, I would’ve loved to see more information on how coral calcification and dying could be avoided and how people can get involved. Of course, as it is happening due to climate change that is the first thing to address and there is a lot of information online on how to have a smaller carbon footprint. I still think they did a great work on initiating the message and acknowledgement around the world about again another problem that we have with the climate change and how urgent it is that we address and work on this issue!

Chasing Coral - byLiiL

Chasing Coral - byLiiL

I encourage you to check their trailer and watch the documentary on Netflix, although I must warn you that it is very sad! For more information on the documentary, the movement and what actions you can take, you can check their website.

Chasing Coral - byLiiL

All the pictures are from the Chasing coral press kit.

Have you seen Chasing Coral? How did you like it?

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