TED Talks About Sustainability

Here are some Ted talks to inspire, inform and think about sustainability, fashion and environment.

How Pollution Is Changing The Ocean’s Chemistry – Explaining one part of climate change.

Truly Sustainable Economic Development – This one is not so much about environmental sustainability, but does have an interesting way of thinking that can be applied to sustainability and environmentalism through entrepreneurship. Ernesto Sirolli is funny, but so on point and has great insight!

TED Talks About Sustainability - byLiiL

Why I Don’t Care About ‘Climate Change’ – David Saddington explains why people are not taking climate change so seriously, as they do not see the effect on themselves.

Our Relationship To Fast Fashion – This is only a short piece done by a young girl, who question whether ignorance is a bliss and the western culture.


Have you seen any additional sustainable Ted talks? Share them in the comment box below!

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6 thoughts on “TED Talks About Sustainability

  1. Oh these are great – thanks for sharing. I do believe that for many of us living in the western world, ignorance is bliss. It’s sad but so true. We are not going to feel the effects right now but we have so much power to make a difference. Hopefully we can get through to people.


    1. Oh I absolutely agree! And although there is a lot of good information there, there are many that do a “sales pitch” in their Ted talk or something that is otherwise quite annoying. Finding the ones that are interesting and provide you with new information can be a challenge sometimes 🙂 Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the TED talks 🙂


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