Favourite Instagram Pics From July

I have not been happy with Instagram lately, as most people probably are. It used to be nice to look through the pictures of all the accounts I follow and I could be immersed in it for ages! Now I see the same few accounts over and over, and mostly it is pictures that I’ve already liked. It takes extra effort to go to the other accounts to check what they’ve been posting and I don’t usually have that kind of time! Many might say that I should then just turn on the notifications, however, I find it annoying that I should be checking those pictures when the app says so, instead of when I actually want to check them!

Sorry about the rant, I still enjoy looking through the pictures on Instagram and hope they could change it back! Now enjoy the pics I have been enjoying in July.


What Instagram pictures have you liked last month?

With love,


6 thoughts on “Favourite Instagram Pics From July

  1. I totally agree with you with what’s happening on Instagram. I have to scout out the accounts to see what they have been posting recently. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous images. I like your choice of aesthetics. XO, Ellese



    1. Thank you, that is so nice of you! And yes, we all like checking Instagram pics, so why not share them with your readers to show them your aesthetics and share some great Instagram accounts πŸ™‚

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