Before The Flood Documentary And Review

Before The Flood is a documentary about climate change. It follows Leonardo DiCaprio after he becomes the United Nations Messenger of Peace on a journey to witness how climate change is dramatically impacting the world currently. He talks to politicians and scientists and discovers what people are doing to avoid further damage and those who are strongly denying climate change. It discusses what is affecting the climate change, how it can get worse, what is the tipping point from which there is no going back, what are the consequences and what are the solutions. So all in all, it is the well-rounded information pack to understand climate change.

Before The Flood Documentary And Review

I quite liked the documentary, although I didn’t find a lot of new information on the topic. It scraped the top of the information about climate change, without going any further within the complexity of the problem, which I would have enjoyed more as I am already quite aware of the general problems. I also found it a bit too concentrated on the US and their politics, even though their viewers are probably from around the globe and have a very different political stance with the problem. Of course, the solutions they presented would help the whole globe, but not everybody has the opportunity to act on the solutions. The one thing that was disturbing me while watching it was the dramatisation of the issue. I see climate change as a dramatic enough issue, without having to dramatize it further.

What I did get from the documentary was the feeling of urgency and almost that we have lost hope, but not quite. They offered great solutions such as carbon tax, which I think would be a great solution for the western countries in particular if it was implemented in the right way (not only to consumers but to businesses as well). I got reminded of how influential the US is to other countries without even trying to be; this shakes me every time. What it also made me think about is even if people know and see how climate change is affecting others or know how it might affect the future generations, they do not act urgently enough if it is not affecting them immediately or monetarily. It is too distant of a threat to think about in the midst of all the other problems they might be having. It is a sad realisation and drives the problem further.

Before The Flood Documentary And Review - byLiiL

What I find more interesting than the actual documentary is the Before The Flood website. In covers basically the same information as the documentary, but you have time to look into things and find more information. The website has an excellent account of how is our climate changing, what are the primary causes, what does the future look like, where will people be hardest hit, the many different solutions they are advocating and snippets of the whole journey that DiCaprio takes throughout the documentary with the experts he interviews. The website promotes taking action!

Before The Flood Documentary And Review

As I said the documentary was a well-rounded information pack to understand the climate change and aimed towards people who are not well informed yet. If you find yourself having problems understanding climate change then you should definitely check it out!

To check the website from where all the photos are from as well go here. You can rent or buy the documentary on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. If you want to hear about the other sustainability documentaries that I’ve seen and written about: Racing Extinction and True Cost, you can check them here.


Have you seen Before The Flood, or are you planning to watch it?

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