Happy Favourites of the Week – Trivia and Books

The Game of Trivia – Quite frankly I like almost any kind of trivia game or a quiz, although I only have two on my phone. In addition to having Trivial Pursuit and two extra packs for it, lately, we have been playing ‘name the artist and the song name’ while playing songs from Spotify and doing a bunch of movie quizzes. We also went to do a pub quiz at a local pub. We didn’t do too well, but had fun! Although, when you are used to going to bed early, sitting in a pub, in the middle of the week, till late was quite tiring!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Trivia and Books - byLiiL

Midday Walks – As I work from home I am cooped up inside sometimes for days, without realising it. So I decided to do midday walks to break up my working day, to get some blood flowing through my veins and get some fresh air. So far so good. I am more focused when I work and my back doesn’t heart from sitting all day long! Thankfully the weather has been great!

Anthony Day – After writing about his podcast he commented on it and I got starstruck, smiling for the rest of the day! I also listened to more of his podcasts and realised he does do occasional interviews as well, which diversify the sustainable podcasts he makes. He told me about some future plans for the podcast which I cannot wait to listen to! If you missed the previous post about his podcast you can find it here.

Happy Favourites of the Week - Trivia and Books - byLiiL

Lunching – I really love to have the occasional lunch with a friend in the middle of the day and last week I had two, one at Kothel and one at Hyndland Fox. Both great lunch and brunch places with delicious food. Lunch with a friend is an amazing way to get out of your head, discuss what is brewing in your head and just have fun. It definitely freshened my days and got new excitement into my work. And if you are in Glasgow, I recommend visiting both places!

The Heart Goes Last – I really like the way Margaret Atwood writes and I love reading dystopian novels. This was not an exception. I enjoyed reading this book and finished it in no time.

Happy Favourites of the Week - Trivia and Books - byLiiL

Inferno – And because the previous book was so quick and pleasurable to read I finally was brave enough to start reading Dante, which has been standing in my bookshelf for at least two years. Although the book is written in prose, it is not quite as hard to read as I imagined. I guess after I read Silmarillion nothing else can come close to the difficulty level.

Crown – I finally finished watching the first season of the show about the Queen – Crown. It really was well made and I enjoyed following the story. I enjoy tv shows about history and Royals, and although this was not too far back in the history, it was still a time when I wasn’t alive and didn’t know much about. Very fascinating!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Trivia and Books - byLiiL

How was your week?

With love,


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