Inspiration of the Month – The Sustainable Futures Report Podcast

As I want to keep up with all the sustainability news and learn more about the topic I decided to find some podcasts that I could listen in addition to all the reading. I subscribed to few podcasts and although there were some which were good and provided me with new information none inspired me as much as ‘The Sustainable Futures Report’ done by Anthony Day. I’d never heard about him before and was surprised how much I liked his efficient reporting with on point puns where appropriate. He discusses sustainability issues and news from around the globe.

Inspiration of the Month - The Sustainable Futures Report - byLiiL

My favourites so far have been Promises Promises where he reviews the sustainable take and promises of the UK political parties before the last general election and Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Trump where he reviews the effectiveness of the USA withdrawing from the Paris Agreement. They were very informative, imagine how much time it would have gone for all of us to research it on our own, and very funny!

You can find the podcast here, in addition, there is a blog where you can read all the same information as on the podcast but with links to the sources, Anthony Day’s website (he is a sustainability coach, how cool!), and his Twitter! I am so excited to listen to his podcast and be inspired, I hope you are as well!

Picture is from his website.


Have you heard of Anthony Day or the Sustainable Futures Report before?

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4 thoughts on “Inspiration of the Month – The Sustainable Futures Report Podcast

  1. Love podcasts and I’ve been on the hunt for a good one for some time now! My favourite so far is A Sustainable Mind and also Spirit of 608 -FASHION ENTREPRENEURSHIP SUSTAINABILITY and TECH. Others can be good to but i can only listen to Podcasts when the dialogue is an interview style and not so much reading from script.


    1. Great tips, thank you, I will need to check them out! Yes, the Sustainable Fashion Report is a monologue and I usually prefer the interview style as well, but it is also about content and this one has great content! I will need to check out your tips as well, thank you! 🙂


  2. Thank you so much for the endorsement. No pressure then! Yes, I do read from a script for most of my reports but I try hard to sound as though I’m not. I also seek out interviewees when I can. Two ladies from the Humane Society of America spoke earlier this year on Meat v Climate Change. More recently Professor Andy Heyes spoke about Sustainable Energy. For September I hope to have an interview on business and the Sustainable Development Goals and among other things I’ll be looking at fusion energy and population, (Seven Billion People Want Everything You’ve Got.) Keep listening!


    1. It is great to hear from you! You are absolutely right, at the time I wrote this post I had just discovered your podcast and only heard the scripted podcasts, although I still found it very interesting the way you talk about the topics! Now that I’ve listened to more of the podcasts I’ve heard the interviews as well. I greatly appreciate your podcasts and will definitely be listening more! Thank you for making them and writing to me as well!


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