Happy Favourites of the Week – Entertainment

Arrival – I’ve wanted to see this movie since last November! I love sci-fi movies, actually, almost anything to do with space is up my alley. I finally saw Arrival last weekend and it didn’t disappoint! It is quite funny. I had high hopes for the movie and it was almost better than I could have hoped, although, very different. I was expecting it to be a sci-fi thriller, but instead, it was an intelligent take on language and communication, which was really fascinating and had me thinking about the topic for days since!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Entertainment - byLiiL

Orphan Black – I am sure I have written about this series before and how excited I am about it. I’ve been waiting for the 5th season to start for the whole spring and finally, my wait is rewarded with an exciting final season of the show!

OneSqin Achieved Their Kickstarter – Hurray! It is always amazing to hear about a company that has an exciting mission and a product to succeed.

Inspiration of the Month - OneSqin - byLiiL

Orange is the New Black – Another show that I have been waiting for ages, and I am sure many of you have as well.

Peonies – I wanted to get peonies to brighten my home last summer, but couldn’t find them anywhere. A week ago I finally managed to acquire a bouquet of them and am now in awe staring at them and smelling them.

Inspiration of the Month - Fight and Thirst for Education - byLiiL

Ladies Who Lunch Podcast – This podcast is by YouTubers Ingrid Nilsen and Catrific. They discuss important matters such as mental health, sexuality, relationships and there is still much more coming. They discuss things from their perspectives; their own experiences, how they see these things and sometimes they bring in other people with whom they can discuss the topics as well. What I found great about this podcast is how open they are for different opinions and that I can get a new perspective to different matters. I love listening to podcasts while I am working on something manual (such as sewing or manipulating pictures), as it does not disturb me from what I am doing and I still get a lot out of it.

I Am Malala – I wrote about being inspired by this book just last Wednesday and I recommend it to everybody. It is not the most positive book, but it tells you so much about a culture which is so foreign to us and helps understand the world a little bit more.

Happy Favourites of the Week - Entertainment - byLiiL

I am really wondering how I can get any work done with all the tv-shows, peonies and books, but somehow I have managed to slot everything in. I hope you had a great week! Let me know in the comments box down below what were you up to this week and what were your happy favourites, I would love to hear them!

With love,


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