Summer Bucket Lists – Are They Necessary?

I am a true lover of all kinds of lists and make them on a daily basis from to do lists, to what to buy from the store and what I want to accomplish in a year. Summer is here and although I have been really excited about it for some time now, I don’t seem to get inspiration to make any kind of list of what I want to do this summer. At least not the kind that summer bucket lists would usually involve. I’ve been thinking maybe there is something wrong with me. In our culture summer holidays are the time for vacation and taking it easy. People are planning holidays and times to spend with friends.


When I still lived in Finland my bucket list would have included a lot of swimming,  spending time on the beach, doing a grill, visits to the countryside, drinking out with friends on midsummer’s eve and may day and so on. In the UK I don’t really do most of those things. I do reminisce them fondly and think how fun I had in my teen years and later on as well.

Since I graduated from University I haven’t really seen summer as the ultimate holiday time. Mostly, because I work for myself. I schedule my days, weeks and months the way I want to, which means I have my holidays when I want to and do everything else when I want to. I don’t really have bucket lists anymore, I have wish lists of things that I dream of such as travelling to certain countries, being brave enough to do a bungee jump and so on. For this summer I do have a wish list as well. I wish that I will have a fun time while I work, I wish that I can take my work to the next stage and I wish that I will earn enough money so that I can go on all the trips that I want to do this year; Ireland and Netherlands are definitely on the list. I want to read more books, but they are always on my list and I want to enjoy my time outside. None of this is something that needs to happen, but rather something that would be nice. I will be perfectly content with none of it as well.


I understand that for many, summer is still the ultimate holiday time and with the sun shining and the temperatures high. That is why I wish that people would, rather than making bucket lists of things that need to be done in a certain amount of time, just enjoy the summer and have fun on an impulse. And while you are enjoying your time, try to think of the environment a little as well and keep it sustainable.


What do you think are summer bucket lists still necessary?

With love and I hope you have a great summer,



4 thoughts on “Summer Bucket Lists – Are They Necessary?

  1. It can be hard to schedule breaks when you’re self-employed. I think whether or not one should have a summer bucket list depends on the person; some people need more structure and so benefit from having a summer bucket list, some people’s minds go everywhere and so having a list makes sure that they do the things they want to do, and some people don’t need lists 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


    1. You are right about that! I usually need lists for everything and especially if it is something that needs to be achieved, but the main during the summer that I want to achieve is the enjoyment of it 🙂


  2. In my early teenage years I was obsessed with summer bucket lists. However, the majority of plans and goals were not accompolished at the end of the season. I am not sure whether I became disappointed of that situation or my priorities had changed, but now I do not need an ultimate and exciting plan for summer. Sometimes the weather changes plans, sometimes friends have other plans, sometimes money-related problems happen, and sometimes you have a job and cannot escape your office in the middle of the week to chill near the lake. But that doesn’t seem a problem to me. I have been working on summer for as long as I can remember myself. Summer is just another season, just like spring, autumn and winter. Warm and sunny days are pleasant and lovely, and it’s important to enjoy them. But I agree that plans, goals and bucket lists should not be based only on seasons 🙂


    1. I absolutely agree! I guess our society has the notion that summer is the “holiday time”, but it is not for everybody. Like you said it is just a season among others and we should enjoy all of them! Thank you for reading and your very insightful comment 🙂


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