Happy Favourites of the Week – The Happy Day

New client – It’s always fun and motivating to start a new project and this was no different. It made me take my time more seriously so that I have enough of it for the new client and the other projects I have going.

Happy Favourites of the Week - The Happy Day - byLiiL

My new work chair – I used to work sitting on a stool and believe me if you sit on a stool for several hours your back will be sore. So I finally went and got myself a supporting chair to work on and it has made all the difference! It is supportive, comfortable and the colour and the style makes me smile! Of course, the cats love it as well and during the hot days we had there they were rather sleeping on that chair.

Miroslava Duma launches Fashion Tech Lab with $50 Million To Invest – It is amazing to hear how the big names in fashion want to transform it and help it grow into a more sustainable market!

Happy Favourites of the Week - The Happy Day - byLiiL

The Orphan Master’s Son – This book by David Mitchell has been so interesting, it nearly keeps me of work. Definitely worth a read!

Brunch with a Friend – It’s always lovely to spend some time catching up with your friends and who doesn’t like brunch? I had the loveliest meal at Kember and Jones, who really do make a nice and good sized side salad for your sandwich! And no, I didn’t take pictures. Sometimes you can just enjoy the food!

Lucky Clover – My sister gifted me with the cutest thing! It was a little pot with three seeds to grow my own lucky clover. Somebody knows what I like… It had this little pallet of soil, which I added into a little bit of water and it swelled to fill the whole miniature pot. Now it’s growing and it is so exciting! I just love seeing the plants I have been caring for growing!

2017 Ethical Activist Book Club – I just stumbled upon this and got so excited. I love reading books and knowing more about how to make our planet more ethical and sustainable is always on my agenda. There are only 6 books on the list for 2017, so one book for every two months. That should be manageable!

Happy Favourites of the Week - The Happy Day - byLiiL

Strange man stroking a cat – While working at my desk I looked outside where I saw a cat walking on the pavement. It had come out of the house next to it. It was a sunny day, so it is no wonder the cat was yearning to get out. Along the pavement walked a man towards the cat. Usually, people don’t pay attention to cats, or cats quickly run away and hide, but this time it was not the case. The man kneeled down next to the cat and started stroking it. The cat seemed so happy it dropped on its side and started rolling on it’s back to get some tummy rubs, a sign that the cat is happy. I was sure this man was no stranger to the cat, as no cat would let a stranger touch their tummy. In a few seconds, the man rose up and kept walking away from the cat. Not into the house from where the cat came but kept going along the pavement and the cat the other way. It seems these two strangers just shared a nice moment in the middle of a sunny beautiful day.

The Happy Day – Once I started writing this post I realised I had nothing to add up. For some reason, I didn’t feel happy about anything and it made me anxious. I usually find happiness in the smallest of things and suddenly I just couldn’t think of anything. I gave it a couple of days and I started adding something to this post by force, just to have something to say. Until the happy day came and suddenly I wanted to fill this post with writings of all kind. Suddenly I remembered the happy things from several days previously. Everything seemed to make me happy. I think these are the days that we live for, the happy days. When every little detail makes you smile and you are just happy to be alive and living in the current moment!


What is your happy day like?

With love,



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