Introducing Boodle Boutique

I’ve been meaning to tell you about the Boodle for way too long. I mentioned it the first time in December in my gift guides when I bought one of their t-shirts as a present for my boyfriend. I knew the cute and quirky animal themes is something that he would like. And I wasn’t wrong. The t-shirt is organic cotton, which not only makes it clean of toxins and sustainable, but also soft to wear. Since Christmas, the t-shirt has been worn often and washed as often. It has kept it’s print excellently and the fabric still seems as though it is new.

Introducing Boodle Boutique - byLiiL

Like this wasn’t a reason enough to write about the brand, there is actually more. The brand, founded in 2010 by a Nottingham Trent graduate Bethan Buss, is always trying to make everything in a sustainable way. Their garments are made out of organic cotton or recycled materials, their inks are eco-friendly where possible and the paper and card they print on is 100% recycled. And no wonder. As Bethan is inspired by animals, nature and adventures, what better way to celebrate that than making sure you are producing sustainably and not harming the environment!

Introducing Boodle Boutique - byLiiL

The brand concentrates on screen printing their adorable animal prints on various items including clothing for women, men, kids and babies, greeting cards and art prints. In addition, they sell mugs and absolutely beautiful chalkboards. I am obsessed with this whale one. Unfortunately, I already have a cat chalkboard at home. Does a person need more than one chalkboard in their house?

If you got interested in the brand (why wouldn’t you) you can check their charming website to learn more about them, check their shop and their blog.

The last pics are from the Boodle website.

Have you heard of Boodle before?

With love,


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