Happy Favourites of the Week – Finland Trip

Adventure walk – It probably sounds more exciting than it is, but it was exciting to me. Spending Sunday walking through the city with friends, stopping at places where we’ve always wanted to go and learning more about the city was lovely!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Finland Trip - byLiiL

Trivial Pursuit – I love playing board games with friends and this week it was the trivial pursuit. Funnily enough, I am usually a very competitive person, but with this game, it is definitely more about the fun!

Meeting my Godson ❤ – I finally got to meet my godson, who was the most adorable little baby ever! Calm for a child of 1 month and heart warming. The feeling of responsibility and pride is amazing. I will definitely spoil him to bits! Can’t wait until the next time I will see him!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Finland Trip - byLiiL

A trip to Finland – Seeing my family and friends and spending some quality time with them. Not even talking about all the goodies I took home with me. Now we have rye bread for at least a month 😀

Sea Buckthorn Berry Juice – I’ve been a fan of sea buckthorn berries for a while now. Before going to Finland I got a cold and so my mother made me drink a sea buckthorn berry juice and I fell in love instantly! I love the sour taste of it that almost makes you cry. It makes me feel really awake and the c-vitamin content made me feel better so quickly!

Surprise friendship – This surprise friendship wasn’t mine, but something that I noticed. When flying to Finland I noticed close to me these two women talking together lively with enthusiasm. I thought to myself how fun that they were travelling together. When we were getting out of the plane they hugged like close friends, said how wonderful it was that they met each other on the plane making it obvious to me that they hadn’t known each other previously, and they went their own ways. It made me smile the rest of the day!

My furballs – Getting back home to my furballs was amazing! We were cuddling the whole day long! I missed them so much!

Bloom – The trees have been blooming almost everywhere except outside my bedroom window. The first morning I woke up back home, they were finally in full bloom and it made my day! How beautiful are they?!


How was your week?

With love,


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