Introducing Primrose and Pixie

“We are here to sprinkle pixie dust into your underwear drawer”

This is what it says on the Primrose and Pixie’s website, a new lingerie and sleepwear brand from the UK created by Sarah Louise Richards. And browsing through the website and their Instagram account it is exactly the impression that you get, as well as fantasy, magical and cute. Beautiful, romantic and ethereal pieces. The brand does not follow trends but rather takes inspiration from other-worldly, dreamy and gothic.

Introducing Primrose and Pixie - byLiiL

The brand is locally designed and produced in their UK studio. All of their items are vegan-friendly and they favour organic fabrics that have a Confidence in Textiles certificate. Each item is made-to-measure making it more sustainable, definitely.

It is obvious that the brand is new and the offering is quite limited but absolutely beautiful. There are few pieces of sleepwear and lingerie with lovely and cute prints, although still keeping it sexy. I absolutely love their shorts, which I would love to wear at home and I would definitely feel sexy, but still decent.

Introducing Primrose and Pixie - byLiiL

The only thing I hope they will improve upon is their sizing. When ordering any garment you can choose from XS to XL, however, when they are offering made-to-measure there would be a chance to fit the garments more, especially with the bra. On the other hand, they have great size chart from where you can choose which size would fit you and could feel comfortable ordering from them!


Check out their website and Instagram, where all the pictures are from.

How do you like the cute lingerie and sleepwear brand?

With love,


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