Anek. – Sustainable and Instagrammable

I stumbled upon Anek. (Anekdot) by scrolling through Instagram and started following instantly ones I learned it’s sustainability merits. Not only are the pictures beautiful and inspiring, the brand has some excellent sustainability credentials.

Anek. - sustainable and instagrammable - byLiiL

The feeling you first get from the Instagram account is easy, lazy summer days, beautiful and a little bit sneak peak. I could easily like every single photo I see! Already in their Instagram bio they assert to fight the mass-production and it’s mediocrity in craftsmanship. Great, right! Well, a closer look at their website got me even more excited. It is a brand created by a Swedish-born Sofia, who studied in Italy and got her experience in London. She maintains the brand from Berlin, where she handcrafts every single piece sold. The materials used in every piece are cleverly sourced from production leftovers, end of lines, off-cuts, deadstock and vintage trimmings. This means the collections are designed based on what is available and therefore many items are very unique.

Anek. - sustainable and instagrammable - byLiiL

I loved the look of the lingerie but was quickly disappointed by the sizing of S-XL, which is not often suitable for a woman with a bigger bust. I hope at some point, as they are making each garment for the customer, that they would also make it to the measurements and more colour! I would definitely be first in line to try that!

Anek. - sustainable and instagrammable - byLiiL

I got really excited about their bikini line, especially with the Versatile bikini, which could be worn in many different ways and is made out of quality performance fabric!

Anek. - sustainable and instagrammable - byLiiL

And the reason I wanted to write about this brand is their transparency. There are so many sustainable brands, who are not quite as honest about how they source their materials. With Anek. they tell with each of the garments how they sourced the materials and from where, even if it is not sustainable, which is absolutely fantastic! It definitely makes me trust the brand much more and I feel stay tuned to what they get up to in the future! Find the brand website here.

Anek. - sustainable and instagrammable - byLiiL


Have you heard of Anek. before?

With love,


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