Are Cats Affectioned?

I can’t remember how many times I’ve heard people say that they can’t see how owners can be attached to their cats, how cats are not affectioned animals, that cats are solitary animals and do not like to have company whether it is people or other animals. This makes me sad. People have so many misconceptions of cats and although this might be true with some cats most are far from it. When comparing cats to dogs, I find it takes much longer to get affectioned with a cat than a dog, but they can be as loving they just have a different way to show it. So for those of you who don’t understand cats and also for those of you who do, I will tell you about my two lovely furry balls.

Are cat's affectioned - byLiiL

I have two cats. An older one Nuppu, who is a boy, and a younger one Ninja, who is a girl. Nuppu is like a baby to me. He likes to be carried when he is tired, although does not like to sit in the lap. He always makes sure he can be in the same room with one of us, never mind which room it is. Bathrooms are a must, he doesn’t seem to understand that bathroom is usually a solitary environment, and our guests are usually quite surprised when they get him as a companion in the bathroom.He also makes sure that nobody is left alone in a room. In the mornings when

Are cat's affectioned - byLiiL

He also makes sure that nobody is left alone in a room. In the mornings when I and Ninja are left to sleep, but my boyfriend gets up Nuppu makes sure to get up with him only to go back to sleep in the other room.

Nuppu always greets us when we come home and likes to inspect any shopping we have done by sniffing each and every item (I like to think he is inspecting whether they are good enough for us to eat, but most likely he is just looking for something for him to eat).

Are cat's affectioned - byLiiL

Ninja behaves a bit more like a conventional cat. She doesn’t like to be carried and does often enjoy her own space, especially if we have guests over. Then again, she loves to sleep in our lap whenever it is cold and she usually sleeps on one of us during the night. She longs for attention and loves to be petted, and she will show you when she wants this, sometimes by a slightly snappy ‘miau’. Her favourite thing is to be brushed and it doesn’t matter who is holding the brush she will be that person’s best friend! Whenever I am taking pictures for the blog or anything else really, Ninja loves to be involved and will sniff items that I am taking pictures of and the camera.

Are cat's affectioned - byLiiL

Whenever we have been on a holiday out cars react by being overly affectioned and looking for attention by sitting on us, following us from one room to another and purring extra loud when we are all sitting on the couch. If only I or my boyfriend is away they keep searching for the other person by walking aimlessly from one room to another looking from under couches, blankets, tables, as though one of us was hiding somewhere.

So believe me, I feel how affectioned my cats are and whenever I am away from home I feel bad because I’ve seen how they keep searching for me. They are like my two babies!


Do you have cats? And have you met a cat who is affectioned?

With love,


2 thoughts on “Are Cats Affectioned?

  1. I have a kitty cat! Her name is Matilda! She is, honestly, a little bit grumpy a lot of the time, but she’s definitely loving. She will jump up on the couch once in awhile to stand on your chest when you’re laying down so you can pet her. She also is really attached to us, she gets a little bit funny when someone is away for a couple of days. Cats just take time to warm up to you, at the end it’s like having a little human – they have their own personalities, but they also form affections and connections with the people in their lives 🙂

    Erin | Explore, Refresh


    1. Aww, she sounds lovely! Cats definitely do have personalities and they are part of your family ones you get to know them well. Thank you for you comment, it was lovely to read about Matilda 🙂


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