My Matt & Nat bag

I’ve written about Matt &Nat before and now I finally have the joy of using trying one myself. I received this beauty for my birthday when I was in need of a new big handbag. When working I need to be able to fit in it a book, a diary, small pouch with all the essentials, my wallet, some snacks, sometimes lunch, water bottle and occasionally a coffee travel mug and a bunch of accumulated receipts (why can’t we just move onto digital receipts altogether?). It can get pretty full. Last week I also added in yoga gear and surprisingly this bag did fit all of it.

My Matt&Nat - byLiiL

I’ve only used my bag for a short while, but so far it has ticked all the boxes needed. It is big enough, pretty enough, crossbody strap, has 3 compartments or rather two big pockets on the front, the bag and it can fit my laptop inside and it is vegan. The top material seems very durable and I love the blue colour. I like a little bit of colour in my handbags, but this blue is neutral enough to suit many outfits! I can instantly feel the quality of the bag when using it and I can’t remember the last time I was so excited for a handbag! I am sure it will last me for a long time!

If you liked this bag or are in the need for a new vegan bag head over to Matt & Nat while they still have their sale on!

With love,


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