Happy Favourites of the Week – Full of Culture

Sharmanka Kinetik theatre – My friend took me to Kinetik theatre, here in Glasgow, for my birthday. I didn’t really know what to expect and so I waited for it to start, in excitement. I would call this closer to art rather than theatre, although, I understand where the reference to theatre comes from. Moving objects with funny, sad and informational stories to back them up. Something different that I will definitely remember.

Happy Favourites of the Week - Full of Culture - byLiiL

Fossil Fuel Divestment – A very interesting read into the topic of sustainability. I had never heard of divestment before and felt a sparkle of hope for the human kind after reading this!

Alphonse Mucha in Quest of Beauty – I like visiting museums and checking out different exhibitions and this was no different, except that I liked it much more than I was expecting. There is something in this poster making lithography art that made me quiver with happiness. So I bought the exhibition book to scroll through whenever I am in the need for happiness from those pictures.

Happy Favourites of the Week - Full of Culture - byLiiL

How to solve your bra problems – These tips are excellent for before you are buying a new bra or just to understand how it is supposed to sit.

La La Land – I like musicals and I enjoyed this as well. It left me feeling happy and singing the main song from the musical, which I adored! To top that, we went to see this movie in the Grosvenor cinema theatre, where I hadn’t been before, and I enjoyed it more than the regular Cineworld experience!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Full of Culture - byLiiL

Yoga card – On the quest to achieve my goals for 2017 I finally bought a monthly card to go to my favourite yoga studio and loved the first few classes that I have done. Here’s to a yogafull year!

Surprise parcel – I received a surprise parcel with a present from my best friend. We see each other so rarely and this parcel just made my whole week. She sent me my favourite sweets (I had such a craving for such sweets just at the time I must have telepathically communicated this to her) which I devoured instantly and some beautiful jewellery!


What were your happy moments this past week?

With love,


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