4 Posts that make you think

You can’t buy your way to a better world – Interesting point of view. Makes a good point of how just changing what you buy is not enough, but it is the whole principle of fast-consumerism that needs to change.

The Future of Cities – This is actually a short youtube documentary/movie, which tells you in short how people are innovating better cities for our future.

4 posts that make you think - byLiiL

Top Tips to Ditch Fast-Fashion – If you have already decided that you want to stop buying fast-fashion and don’t know how to check this out. If you don’t know why you should do it check it out as well!

Confessions of a Meat-eating Vegan – The writer of this article, in my opinion, was brave! There are so many people shaming others who are not vegan or vegetarian, shaming different types of eating habits and in general being mean. Not too long ago I saw a youtube video of a woman telling why and how she started eating meat again and she so much hate from people who were, at least claming, to be vegan. I think it is important that people talk about food and what is good for different people. As she says, one thing might not be the right thing for everybody.


Have you read any other posts lately that have made you think? Share them with me in the comments section below!

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