Busy B calendars

This is one brand that makes me happy with it’s beautiful illustrations and clever products. No wonder their quote is “Oh so clever!”. The brand is from Edinburgh, where they design their products and where the headquarter is, which I feel close to my heart! We had a couple’s calendar last year from this company and I can tell you it is a stationery lovers dream. It comes with stickers to decorate the calendar and I love the feature of being able to write what is going on with each of us or together. So naturally I got another one for the year 2017 as well.

Introducing Busy B - byLiiL

The only minus I find in this brand is that only some of their products are recyclable and they are made in China. I do hope this would change soon, as their products do cheer me up so much! Check their website here.

Introducing Busy B - byLiiL

Introducing Busy B - byLiiL

Do you like stationery? What stationery brands would you recommend?

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