Happy Favourites of the Week – Something different

5 innovations that make ethical shopping easier

This post introduces you to innovative ways that make it really easier for you!

6 Santa's helpers - byLiiL

Free public transport in Paris

This is actually positive and a negative thing, but it is none the less inspiring, which is why I added it here. In Paris, the pollution has been so bad lately, that they have banned cars and introduced free public transport for people travelling in the city. This is only for the amount of days that is necessary to reduce the pollution in the air, however, I find it a great way to for people to learn and want to learn more about the climate change. Although, if public transport was free always, how much more likely would people use it, rather than the car?

Something different

Last weekend I went to see an Ice Hockey game with friends. I am not the biggest fan, even though I am from Finland, but my friends are. So to have a bit of a different Saturday night I joined them to go and see a game between Braehead Clan and Edinburgh Capitols. It was interesting to see how different the game was from what I am used to in Finland. I encourage everybody else to go and do something different from your usual during a weekend or why not during Christmas time. And if you are interested to see ice hockey game in Glasgow you can check more about it here or here.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them

I am a big Harry Potter fan and this movie didn’t disappoint. Although, it is very different from the original saga, it still has the magical appeal to it. I loved seeing all the magical beings and fell completely in love with them!


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