4 top articles to read this week

I am still gathering my thoughts after last week so I will rather share these 4 articles/posts with you that should bring some inspiration into the start of this week. Have a good one!

20 ways to experiment with sustainable living

This post is pretty much what I would have wanted to write! Worth a read and worth a try!


4 articles - byLiiL

All about jeans and sustainability

Excellent post, talking about jeans and their impact on the planet. This blog is great for all the other sustainable topics as well!

Seven Award Season Films

Lauren from My Two Pence listed seven films that she cannot wait to see and after watching all the trailers I agree with her! Especially on my list now are ‘Arrive’ and ‘The Handmaiden’.

4 articles - byLiiL

6 Women Who Won Historic Firsts

After what happened last week, this article will hopefully lift your mind. Amazing women making things happen!

Pictures are from here and here.

With love,



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