Stay Strong Be Empowered

This year has not been easy. And I do not mean it has not been easy for me, but for our world. With each incident I seem to have less and less hope for the human kind and today when I heard the news, I wasn’t even surprised. Horrified, but not surprised. I thought of the furthest point I could move away from all this craziness, racism, selfishness and  narrow mindedness. Too bad Moon is not occupiable just yet.

Stay Strong Be Empowered - byLiiL

Of course, running away is not the answer, no matter how appealing it might sometimes feel. Now we just need to fight harder with educating ourselves to be more knowledgeable, understanding more, being more compassionate and being better. This year has already been one big learning experience.

There was a time when I didn’t think voting mattered, that I had any power over anything. But now I know, that if I do not vote then that voice is lost. And by ‘voting’ I do not only mean in elections, I also mean your choices, your behaviour and your consumption. This might sound funny, but every time you make a decision it is as if you are casting a vote towards that ‘meaning’. When you behave gracefully and do not laugh at a person who just fell in front of you, you are casting a vote to a more compassionate society that does not make fun of people. When you buy local produce, you are casting a vote to help out your local farmers against the big corporations.

Stay Strong Be Empowered - byLiiL

At the moment I am afraid. I am afraid of the climate change and the planet. I am afraid for all the people who are being lied to and will struggle. I am afraid for the selfishness and narrow mindedness. I am afraid for the greed of big corporations and I am afraid of the monetary power they have over our decision makers.

Now I hope there is enough people, the will and power left to protect out planet so that we don’t need to resolve into fleeing away to the Moon.


Stay Strong Be Empowered - byLiiL

Pics from Valhalla Movement.

With love,



2 thoughts on “Stay Strong Be Empowered

    1. None kind of hate should be okay and I think there are big changes in the world that need to be made to make it a comfortable place for everybody to live in. Thanks for your comment!


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