Imposter Symptoms


You know the feeling when you feel sick and your family/friends tell you to go to the doctor, but then you start doubting your symptoms? You still feel the pain or discomfort as before, but you are not sure if you are just overreacting. It is disturbing your life but you don’t know if the doctor/GP will understand or believe you. Surely there are many other people who are much sicker than you who require the doctors time much more than you do!

Imposter symptoms - thoughts - byLiiL

I know to somebody this might sound silly and until recently I thought I was the only one who experienced this. But as always, I mentioned it out loud and found other people who felt the same way. It feels like slightly different kind of imposter syndrome. You start questioning yourself, your symptoms, whether you are overreacting. It could go away in a couple of days so why bother the doctor over it?

Well, let me tell you why. I am very thankful to my family for dragging me to the doctors when I was still thinking ‘I will go in a couple of days if it won’t get better’ whilst having a bad infection. We are not doctors and whilst I often imagine being very good at explaining symptoms, I do not have the education and knowledge to back it up. The doctors study for several years to be able to help you out, to help your discomfort and to prescribe medication to help you when you really are sick.

Imposter symptoms - thoughts - byLiiL

To those of you who are doubting your symptoms, stop. Believe in yourself and what you are feeling, and take care of yourself. Sometimes this is about going to the doctor. Although, I hope not too often!


Are you struggling from imposter symptoms?

With love,



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