MYPURE – the shop for natural beauty lover

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I want my beauty products to be as natural, organic and luxurious as possible. I’ve talked before about using Madara and Lush products, but other than Lush it is probably not as obvious where you can find natural beauty products. Since I was first introduced to Madara through another blog, I started researching where I could buy it from and the only shop that was selling it in the UK at that moment was


I was, of course, a bit sceptical about my first order with MyPure even though their website looked good, professional and reassuring. To my big surprise, MyPure was excellent at brushing my scepticism away. Not only were they really quick and efficient with my order, I got a free gift with my purchase.

MyPure is an online beauty shop for those who want organic skin care products. It stores a big number of different brands,which are all carefully curated to make sure they abide by the MYPURE purity promise. All products that are sold in the online store must be vegan/vegetarian, paraben free and chemical free unless otherwise mentioned.


There are several things, which makes me come back to them time after time, and it is not only the amazing range of brands. When you order for over £30 you get to choose a free gift to accompany your order from a big number of choices (this of course always makes me want to order more than just one product just to get the free gift as well). They have free delivery to the UK, a lot of sales and discounts and their packaging is, where possible, recycled.


All pics are from MyPure website.

So if you are new to MyPure, I recommend paying them a visit now!

With love,


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