Inspiration of the Month – free online courses

In September we are used to getting ready to put our thinking hats on and start studying. Some with pleasure and some less eagerly. Ones you graduate into the real working life with no real summer holiday this month feels odd. Like something is missing and your world has turned upside down. Well, mine has at least. I’ve already been a year in the working life and although I enjoy it I envy those who get to start their new year of studying. Of course, for me, it could also be an option if I could find a further study course which I would benefit from and not just waste a year of my life on.


As I do miss studying and the feeling of new knowledge running through me (doesn’t it feel invigorating and empowering?) I started looking elsewhere for small short courses that could be beneficial to me. So I found a couple of websites, from some little birds whisperings, that offer open university or short courses for people. I dived into the mysterious world of their offerings and now I have a two-page list of different courses which intrigue me. I got so excited that I could have spent the whole autumn just studying, but real life calls and I will need to find time for these studies whilst working.

If it wasn’t yet clear the inspiration for this month is the free courses available online. If you are a person who likes to educate themselves about new things or more about their career then this might be for you as well. It made me start thinking again in the old familiar way, which I had almost forgotten. And it made me excited again. I am sure not all of these courses are going to be good, but that is the beauty of it. If you don’t like the course, nobody is forcing you to finish it. You finish what you enjoy!


Future Learn is a website of only free courses. I’ve already finished one, which sounded interesting but was a bit too easy for my taste, but I already started another one which I find intriguing! The courses are from Universities all over the world and you get video and pdf material to study. They quiz you and you get to discuss things with other who are on the particular course. There are so many subjects from fashion and food industry to climate change, so it will be a surprise if you would not find something you like.


Coursera is another website, although slightly different from Future Learn. Coursera offers courses from top Universities over the world and the difference is that they offer many courses which you have to pay for, but to many of them, there are options to just go through the course without getting the certificate, for which you would pay for. I found these courses a bit more demanding, but in a good way. Again, there is such a big array of different courses that you are spoilt for options.

I am sure there are many other websites that offer free courses to study, to understand the world or your career path better, to gain new skills. The best thing is that you can study when it is convenient to you! At the moment I am doing courses on graphic design and modern cultures. Why? Because I can, I enjoy and it really inspires me! Sometimes you don’t have to study and research only your area of career if you widen your worldview you might find new ways to do things and to inspire you. Or you might find things that are relevant to you like leadership skills, management or coding!

Pics are from Future Learn and Coursera websites.


Who has tried a free online course? How did you like it?

With love,


2 thoughts on “Inspiration of the Month – free online courses

  1. Oh wow! I had no idea I was going to stumble upon such a n interesting post! Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information. The truth is, I miss studying too and I think you described my own reason when you said it feels invigorating and empowering. I will definitely check these websites ASAP. Once again, thank you very much!! ❤


    1. Thank you Deborah! That is so nice of you and I am happy to have let you know about this little enjoyment that I have as well 🙂 Hope you find something interesting to learn!!


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