Almighty Flavours for the Chocolate lovers

Since I wrote my review on Almighty Foods Raw Chocolates, have you tried them? I have finally tried all the flavours I could find and I am here to tell you how they were so that you can try them, as they are so delicious! The packaging has changed many times so don’t shoot me if these in the pictures are not the most recent ones or if any of the flavours cannot be found anymore.


First of all, they were all yummy! But unlikely what I thought I preferred flavours completely contrary to what I usually would. I like citrusy and berry flavours, and here I preferred more of the natural and coffee ones.

Coconut & Orange

I loved the coconutty flavour in this in combination with the orange, however, the orange itself was a bit overly sweet. From the two sweet flavours, I liked this one better.

Raspberry & Coconut

Raspberry in this bar was very sweet and a bit too fresh flavour in the chocolate. If you really like sweet chocolate in combination with fresh raspberry flavour, then this bar is for you!


Cashew Butter

This bar had a lovely hint of nutty flavour in it, however, combined with a smooth chocolate it was definitely one of my favourites.

Creamed Coffee and Hemp

I don’t usually like coffee flavoured chocolate. In this case, the flavour of the coffee was so faint I barely tasted it, but in a nice way. This chocolate is a bit darker than most of the others and it suits it well. It tasted just like smooth lovely chocolate with a hint of stronger flavour! I recommend everybody to try this, even if you don’t like the taste of coffee. Trust me!


Almond Butter

The almond butter bar is similar to the cashew one, however, the faint flavour in it is a bit different. Obviously, as it is different flavoured nut..  This one is also a must, although quite a basic flavour.

Mocca Macha Bang

This second coffee flavoured chocolate was a bit more on the sweet side and lighter than  the creamed coffee one. I have not seen this flavour sold anymore, so I expect it has been discontinued, although I am not sure.

If you cannot find this chocolate in your local wholefoods then you can buy it from the Almighty Foods online shop.


Which flavour will you try?

With love,


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