Buy me once

This is a very unique store, which makes me think instantly “I wish I’d started that”. As the name of the store insinuates it promotes buying long lasting products, possibly which you would only need to buy once, which are sustainably made and affordable. It is challenging the throwaway culture. I think it’s brilliant and I see a lot of potential in it!

Screenshot 2016-08-28 14.19.44

Although they do not have a large offering of products at the moment, it has a good variety and personality. Products range from fashion and accessories to furniture, toys and tools. I found some absolutely lovely products in there and will be checking on them every now and again to see what new might be on offer. They are always on a look out for new companies and products that fit their ethos.

Screenshot 2016-08-28 14.20.03

It is the additional stuff that I really like about this page! They have a page of tips for repair and care of the products and articles with advice on a more sustainable living. In addition, they want to challenge companies to stop producing easily breaking products so they ask customers to tell them about a product that got broken so they can use it to pressure the manufacturers!

Have you shopped at Buy me once? What do you think about buying products that last?

All the pics are from the store’s website, which you can find here.

With love,


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