The Post-Couture Collective

The Post-Couture collective is quite a new start-up fashion and technology brand, about which I learned recently. I love their innovative approach to fashion and thought some of you readers might be interested as well.


New Concept

The collective is a new take on fashion. Away from mass-production and ill-fitting garments, they want to offer “alternative to today’s fashion system”. Garments that are made-to-measure on demand and to people who can be part of the making. The brand offers a great alternative to high street fashion, with a reasonable price point to customers who care about the environment and who want to change the way we treat our clothes.

Innovative and Sustainable

The innovation is in the assembly and fabric. The garment assembly is meant to be done by the customer, but rather than using a sewing machine, they have made the assembling easy  with the way they have cut the fabric. You get assembling instructions and top this, you can reassemble it again with different colours if you so wish. Their fabric, Spacer fabric, is made out of recycled PET-bottles and it can be recycled again after use.



Their first collection is designed by mphvs. It is a beautiful minimalistic take on the beginning of this brand. Simple cuts, which give a futuristic vibe with the spacer fabric. I love the light green colour that is visible in many of their pictures. The great thing is they are now designing their second collection with new fabrics such as recycled wool. How exciting is that?


The Community

The brand has a good following and a community feeling withing their social media. Especially on facebook, it is like a community of people all caring for sustainable fashion and innovation, quite inspiring!


I love the idea of this brand and the innovation behind it. I definitely think we should be caring more for our clothing and buy garments that actually fit us. And what a great idea it is to give an opportunity for the customers to assemble their clothing! I think their first collection was a great start for the brand and now I am awaiting what they come up with next, especially with the new fabrics in the lineup as well.


post couture Brand rating

There is a beautiful photo series of their products on their website that you should check out! Remember to check their shop as well and their facebook page.

Would you assemble your own clothing?

With love,



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