Is kindness out?

Two mothers are walking, side by side, down the pavement pushing their prams. They are taking up the whole width of the narrow street during the busy morning time, where people are trying to rush to catch their form of transportation. The mothers are walking slowly enjoying their morning conversation when one of them realises the busy people running past them through the street packed with cars barely avoiding being hit by them. She suggests to the other mother that they would walk behind each other and make some space for the busy people. The other mother doesn’t bother to look at her and comments “No! I can do whatever I want” and keeps walking side by side with her head held high.


There is a little staircase in front of a small but popular retail centre. In front of it is a common sign, a man begging for money, so quietly most of the people don’t even notice him. A woman is walking towards the retail centre. She is dressed smartly in her grey skirt suit and black heels, hair is done neatly in a bob and she holds her head up, proudly. When she is about to step up the little stairs she hears the man asking “do you have some change”. She turns on her heels and yells at the man. “Where is my money? Give me my money! Give me some money!” And it continues. The woman yells at the man loudly with aggression, the people around the area turn around intrigued by what is all the noise about and the man curls into his shell wondering what happened, embarrassed and scared by the woman’s behaviour.

A young lady has posted a youtube video about why she stopped eating vegan food and has incorporated some animal products into her diet again. She explains well the basis of her change of behaviour and tries to promote eating fewer animal products, but at the same time keeping healthy and listening to your own body when it comes to food and wellbeing. The comment section of her post is full of comments, mostly by vegan attacking her and each other. The comments are rude, there are threats and claims of everybody being ignorant except the people themselves who think and behave a certain way.


Yes, I have witnessed all of these happening in real life and these are just examples that have left a red mark in my brain. I was ashamed for the human raise when I saw this and it left me sad for the rest of the day. How must the people who were involved in these situations feel? Why do people want to attack others? Why do people want to hurt other people’s feelings? And why are people so ignorant?Our society and culture

Our society and culture cherish people’s individuality. We are told that we can do whatever we want and we can be whatever we want. But does this behaviour exclude being polite, being kind and acknowledging other people and their differences? Does this wanting and being justify being rude and ignorant? When we strive to be the best we can be, do people not want to be also the friendliest and kindest, or is that considered a weakness?


I have noticed many challenges in today’s society from poverty to climate change, however not great solutions on trying to work on things together. People are much more likely to push their own agenda’s and opinions down other people’s throats rather than try to understand why other people have a different opinion on the topic. We do not seem to have enough time to really understand the underlying issues in why people behave a certain way, it is much easier to just say it is wrong. Shame them and scare them, until all we have is a group of bitter people who fight with each other.

True ignorance is when you don’t consider things from different perspectives When you are not open enough to consider different views from yours and when you only drive your own agenda.

We are all so busy in our lives that we forget that other people are important as well. Other people have gifts and by empowering other people we might gain something wonderful! The person you might have been rude to or ignored on the street or in the bus might be your doctor, or your plumber or your child’s teacher. You might not remember that person afterwards, but don’t you usually remember people who have been rude to you? Our actions no matter how small can have a huge affect on things. If we all did whatever we wanted, what would the world be like? If we all only thought about our own agenda?


What could the world be like if we were all considerate, kind, forgiving and friendly to one another. We might learn something new, we might get new friends and acquaintances, we might make the world a better place by working together and empowering one another. There has been a lot of talk about how women should empower other women. But the most important thing, in my opinion, is that we should all be empowering each other. Not just the women, but men and children alike. Can you imagine the world like this?


With love,



2 thoughts on “Is kindness out?

  1. This is a topic my boyfriend and I discuss on a regular basis. One of the strongest feelings he is able to feel and is very good at feeling is empathy. Putting himself in the shoes of others and behaving thus from what he gathers from doing so. He is cynical about the world and feels the same way you do, Lii — that if people were to just be a bit more empathetic, the world would be a much happier place.

    I agree — for the most part, because empathy and kindness are, if mapped out on a Venn diagram, overlapping but not the same circle. One can behave based on how considerate they feel they should but the outcome could be negative — unkind in the eyes of the other. So it’s really a give or take situation.

    Don’t get me wrong; I’m a whole-hearted idealist, but I’ve grown very cynical over the years. Without the inconsideration and cruelty of the world, we won’t know what forgiveness and kindness is. It’s Ying and Yang, undesirable partners working to meld harmony. That aside, I do wish for a world with so much more kindness and happiness.

    Your last paragraph was wonderful, too. I feel like in this generation, the spotlight is being put on women empowering other women, and I agree wholeheartedly with you that everyone should be empowering everyone. It shouldn’t be exclusive.



    1. Wonderfully said May! And thank you for your kind words! You bring up really important points as well. In every aspect of the life there should be a balance. It is wonderful to hear that there are other idealists and very empathetic people. Let’s hope there will be a little bit more kindness in the world! 🙂


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