Lush hair products I love

Continuing on my favourite products in use. Last time I told you about Madara, this time, it is a brand that everybody, I am sure, knows about. Lush. Yes, Lush is one of my favourite brands as well. It has spread the awareness of animal cruelty in the beauty industry and with that, and their beautifully scented products, gained a strong following of customers. I love going to the Lush store and picking up a couple of products to indulge in or brighten my bathroom with. Funnily enough, last time my sister visited me, she was wondering why my bathroom smelled always so nice. The answer is lush products. I always have some kind of lush soap in the bathroom and although it does not smell like in the lush store (I don’t think my boyfriend could take that, he gets a headache from two minutes in the store) it does bring that nice slight scent which is not too much on your face.


I didn’t come here to tell you about Lush as a brand, as I am sure all of you know it quite well, but rather of two products which I have become quite fond off. With my love for a more natural beauty regime, I wanted to incorporate that into my hair care as well. My hair is long and quite fine although, I have a lot of it. So when it comes to hair products I require volume and conditioning care. These two products from lush have been excellent for just that!


Seanik Shampoo bar

This is actually my second seanik shampoo bar in use, the last one lasted me ages and I loved it so much I had to get another one. Lush explains this shampoo bar as providing shine and volume, and I truly feel and see it. In addition, the scents are amazing! I do not really like those super sweet products at Lush, but rather go for the citrusy fresh ones and this is exactly it. With mimosa, jasmine and orange flower oils it provides the perfect combination of soothing, fresh and uplifting scents. So great for the hair and your mind!


Big solid conditioner

When I decided that I wanted to try a conditioner bar from lush I noticed that the store was running out of products (it was Saturday afternoon and the store was jam packed). So I picked the first one that had some mention on volume, hoping that it wouldn’t be a disappointment. Although, me picking up the last of this kind, was somewhat reassuring.

This product smells also incredible and is a great addition to have a nice smelling bathroom. It has a butter-like consistency, which at first I found quite confusing to use, but after a couple of times, I got used to it and was amazed at how little I needed it. After using this conditioner my hair smells amazing, feels soft and healthy and not at all greasy (which can happen with some conditioners). I adore the citrusy scents in it and I notice during the day I like to sniff my hair.. a lot!


It took me time to get used to the bar like shampoo and conditioner, but I love them and find them very handy for travelling. Now I am looking to adding some other lush shampoo’s and conditioners to try and add into my hair routine. It is good to mix things up to keep that healthy hair! If you are interested in learning more about these products head to Lush website to find Seanik shampoo bar and Big solid conditioner. What I really like about Lush products is that they are hand made with fresh ingreadients and they are transparent about their production with websites showing how their products are made. The only thing I would wish is to know whether their products are organic and where they are sourced from!



Brand rating lush

Have you tried Lush’s hair products? How have you liked them?

With love,


19 thoughts on “Lush hair products I love

  1. Great post! I have a blog and it’s just lush things! It would be amazing if you could go over and check it out, or maybe even give me a follow/like! Thanks so much xx


    1. I used to be skeptical as well. I mean we are not used to using a bar on our hair. But I heard so much good about it from friends that I decided to try. I hope you have a good experience with it as well 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Shampoo bars for hair?! I’ve never actually tried anything from LUSH apart from their lip scrub but this sounds so interesting .. I will pop into store to check them out and let you know 🙂 x



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