How to get over the ‘lost’ feeling

You know the lost feeling after a big project? When you don’t know what to do or where to continue. It can distract your sleep, your mood, and your appetite.Similar to that after finishing a really good book or a tv show. One good example, which I have experienced, is finishing University. Feeling lost, sad and even anxious is never nice, but is part of the process before going toward your next big thing. For some people, this feeling can last for longer whereas others bump over it in no time at all.


After I finished University it took me a long time to get over this feeling. I seemed to think that I should be able to do something wonderful if I finished University, but I couldn’t decide where to start with. These are some of the things I found that really helped to get over the feeling.



  1.  Take a little downtime. Give yourself some time to reflect, relax and get the project out of your system. I love using essential oils to make me relax. At the moment, I burn them with a candle (you can see above my super adorable owl) during the evening. My favourite scents at the moment are lavender and white camphor.
  2. Stay away from people who might make you anxious. (I had so many people asking what am I doing now or in the future or what my plans are, when I wasn’t ready to answer.)
  3. Write. It can be a blog or your own secret notebook, but writing is a good therapy and helps you to clear your head.
  4. Meditation. I know this can be difficult to some people, especially for me. But I found yoga, jogging and going for a walk to help. During these activities I cannot concentrate on my thoughts, but rather let my them flow by, which is exactly the point. And it is wonderful how refreshed your mind can feel after that!
  5. And then, ones you are ready or if you are too anxious and lost, make new goals. It helps to reflect on what is important to you or to know what needs to be done (depending on how much time you have). I like to make goals about my professional life and self-development. This way even I have excitement and motivation even if something fails.


How do you get over the feeling of being lost?

With love,


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