Happy favourites of the week – purple hair and lilies

I am back again! I am so sorry, I missed a couple of posts there, I had a pretty bad cold and stayed in bed for several days not being able to do much. Now back in, and I thought to cheer myself and everybody else up, I would do the Happy inspirations of the week!


An elderly lady with dark purple hair walked past me with a proud and a happy smile. She looked so amazing and put instantly smile on my face!

We had our anniversary and I received this beautiful Calla lily as a present from my love. I have been dreaming about having a Calla lily for a while and now look at this beauty! And it is in the pot. I need to start researching how to take care of it and not kill it instantly!


This article about getting paid time off work to care for your pets, in a similar way as maternity leave works. It is sad it is not a common thing, but the article talks about how many firms already do offer some support towards this, which is awesome!

I found a new tv sitcom show, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It was just wacky and embarrassing enough for my cold soured head, so will have to see if I will enjoy it as much now that I am better. At the moment, however, a big thumbs up!

This song by artist ‘Oh Wonder’. I am listening to it on repeat and then every now and then to the rest of the album on Spotify. So relaxing and such a lovely melody!!

Viber exit stickers

I was quite happy with my work for the Viber and Exit festival competition, where I designed 3 stickers representing the mood of the festival. You can see other competition work on the Talenthouse website and give a vote for any you like. I wouldn’t mind a couple of extra votes 😉 And for any of the talented creatives I recommend signing up to the Talenthouse as they have new exciting creative competitions all the time!


How was your last week?

With love,


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