Revive eco – the future of zero waste

Following on the World recycling week – theme, I wanted to introduce to you the company about which I read not too long ago and was so impressed with! It is just the kind of idea for entepreneurship, recycling and the use of natural resources that this planet needs, and it comes from the city where I live! So cool!

revive eco 2

Revive Eco is a company, started by three young people in Glasgow. The whole point of their business ethos is to find solutions for the growing food waste the UK is faced with. They collect used coffee ground from local coffee shops, restaurants and offices, which they turn into natural fertilicers for plants. Well, that was their original plan, but now that I went to research them more for this post they have come with another even greater product, by extracting oil from these used coffee grounds they are creating coffee base biofuel! How amazing is that?!

revive eco1

This new start up has already won several awards for their innovation and it is not a surprise. They are reducing waste and creating new uses from it! I am so impressed and wish to hear a lot more from them. But for now go and check their facebook page with lots of new information on how their business is progressing (great inspiration) and videos where they explain their process and benefits of their business program! By googling them you will be able to find even more information and interviews of them.

Pictures are sourced from these two articles: Link 1 and Link 2.

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4 thoughts on “Revive eco – the future of zero waste

  1. This is so cool! 2 of my friends at university are doing a similar thing, starting a business which recycles coffee beans from cafe’s but I’m not able to say much more than that yet as its not established yet. But I love the idea of reusing things that are usually just sent to the waste in an efficient, inspiring way. Nice post!! 🙂


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