The Almighty Raw Chocolate review

Today I am writing to you about something, that I am super excited about and have been planning for some time now! Raw chocolate, and not just any raw chocolate but the ones from Almighty foods.


I have been on a look out for raw chocolate for a while now, but it has been quite hard to find. You would imagine most of the health stores are stocking them, but no. So then I stumbled on to the Almighty foods and their raw chocolates, online, and couldn’t wait to try them out. I found out they were stocking at the studio where I go to barre classes and instantly bought two different flavours to try out. Now, I am not a huge fan of coffee flavoured chocolates (although I love coffee), and they only had those left tells you how eager I was to try these!


What is the verdict? They were divine! The chocolate was creamy and melted on your tung. It was very full flavour of chocolate, but not like the bitter taste of dark chocolate, but rather the really satisfying taste of chocolate. As for the coffee flavour, I could only taste a hint of it, but it was just enough to nicely accompany the flavour of the chocolate! I will be buying these again! Especially the creamed coffee and hemp one, so good!!


After the tasting session, I did some more digging into the company. In addition to raw chocolates, they also produce the most deliciously named raw nut butters, really need to try them as well! So all of their produce is raw. They profess in sprouting the nuts and seeds to make the ingredients active so that their products are ever healthier and better for you. Their slogan says it all ‘nourish your temple’, as they want to spread the word of healthy eating and being conscious of what you put into your body.


What I like about them:

  • It is healthy and satisfies your ‘sweet tooth’ in no time.
  • Great ingredients!
  • No added refined sugars!
  • It is vegan (I am not vegan, but I do like buying vegan foods and supporting them).
  • They taste amazing!
  • I love the branding and the colours of the brand, plus they have an excellent idea behind their brand! So impressed!

And what I do not like about them:

  • I would like to see a bit more transparency in the company, and who their suppliers are and from where.
  • I wish they were stock was more widely available, so it would be easy to buy them!
  • I would like to know whether the packaging is recycled.


How good does this look?


Make sure to have a look at their website where you can find their ethos and their shop with all the lovely goodies!! And check out this youtube clip where the makers are interviewed.


Almighty foods

Have you tried raw chocolate? How did you like it?


With love,



9 thoughts on “The Almighty Raw Chocolate review

  1. I’ve not long started working along a company called wikaniko and they sell a lot of Eco friendly vegan products.
    I never really new much about what was out for vegan people(im not vegan myself) but I’ve resonantly been looking more into there food recipes because i think there a lot more creative, unique and have a lot less rubbish in them.
    I may have try this chocolate out! lol


    1. There is definitely a lot less rubbish in them and they can still taste amazing! This company sounds interesting, I need to look it up. Thank you for you comment and advice 🙂


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