Hisbe, the reason why I want to move to Brighton

Hisbe 3

I lately read an article about a store, which made me really annoyed about not living in Brighton. Let me tell you why. I am often appalled by how I have not found a well priced really ethical and sustainable everyday grocery store, where I can buy whatever I want with no regret. Well, now there is a grocery store where I would love to shop! It is called Hisbe or How It Should Be.

Hisbe 1

The catch phrase for this store is Happiness before profits, and the whole ethos behind their business is serving the people and the communities before the business itself. Amazing! Here are some of their promises, which at least made me really want to move to Brighton to shop from them! Hoping their idea is so successful that they will spread to every corner in the UK in no time? Wouldn’t that be great?

Hisbe 2

What I really love about this concept is the transparency in their business. They want to gain the trust of their customers and trade fairly. This is what all the retailers should be aiming for! I also like their colour choices and visuals!

Hisbe 4

I do recommend checking their website, as it is inspirational and beautiful as well! And now I need to plan a trip (or a move) to Brighton to visit this store!!

Hisbe 5

Hisbe 6

All the pictures are from the Hisbe website.

With love,


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