Victoria Beckham in trainers, shift in the footwear industry?

When I first read the article I screamed hurray! Even though trainers have for some time now been considered as appropriate footwear for everyday life, I still have a hard time wearing them in a professional world. I feel like I am dressing down, or would not be considered professional enough. However, when a fashion icon Victoria Beckham speaks out about having to wear comfortable clothes and footwear, because of her busy life it gives the rest of us hope. And I must say, she still looks stylish as ever even in the trainers!

I do love wearing heals and nicer footwear such as brogues and pumps, however they offer little to none support to somebody who is active and on her feet most of the time. Not even mentioning the  longterm problems that can result from the unsupportive footwear. Of course I could carry a second pair of shoes with me, but quite frankly I feel it is a bit too much. So with this announcement I do hope the footwear game will move to be more supportive of the people’s well being! Yey to healthy feet!

What does everybody else think of this Victoria Beckham wearing trainers?

Pics are from Pinterest.

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