My sustainability


One of the main topics that I want to write about in my blog is sustainability. I thought it only suitable to start with telling you about my own sustainable behaviour and perceptions.

I think everybody should have at least small consideration for sustainability to protect the earth from even further damage. The waste, the toxicity, overusing natural resources and the list goes on. When adding ethical issues such as animal and human abuse, the list can become really overwhelming for every one-of-us.


This used to make me very anxious and sad. I tried hard finding solutions for all the problems, only finding more problems. It is a vicious cycle! Buying products in todays world is so difficult, as there are so many layers of companies and hands before the product actually reaches the buyer. In most cases you are not even aware of where the product has been before you buy it.


I want to behave sustainably, however, I also want to feel happy and good about it, rather than anxious. Balancing the happy with sustainability can be very tricky, and I do want to enjoy my life! So I cut myself some slack and decided to take it step by step, and making it more as a journey towards really sustainable life. At the moment, I am doing several things that could be considered sustainable, but they are so rooted in me that I might not even notice it, however, I thought of mentioning few here that I am quite conscious about.

  • I have reduced my shopping for fashion and beauty items a lot. I like to buy only things that I know I am going to like and wear for a long time, so quality and style go a long way. With beauty, I do not really experiment, but rather only buy things I need or I have run out of.
  • I am always conscious of trying to use all the food from the fridge before buying new, and I hate wasting food. It makes me really guilty and annoyed.
  • Partly related to the previous note, we have a charging system at home for when we have to through out food that we didn’t finish or if we left the lights on in the room. How it works is, when such an incident occurs we have to put the value of the food item or 50pence for lights into a box. The money from the box is then at some point used for something useful like gym membership or haircut. This sounds like it is just a way of saving money, which it is, but it really has made us think about how we consume food because we are really competitive with who gets to put less money into the box!
  • I only wash my clothes if they start to smell or when I feel they get dirty. I like to air them a lot, though.
  • I am not vegetarian or vegan, but I do eat mainly plant-based diet with some eggs and cheese. Okay, a lot of cheese, I am completely obsessed with cheese! But then I rarely eat meat and don’t really drink milk.
  • We recycle as much as we can.


There are still many things that I consciously want to improve on, such as bio-composting, recycling tights (how quickly can I wear them out?!), generating less waste, being even more economical with food and shopping from more sustainable or ethical sources for food. Then there are of course those things I have not even realised to consider yet, as I learn something new all the time.


I want to take sustainability with enthusiasm and positivity and help other make it easy on them to make small changes in their life for a more sustainable future. I want to find companies and brands who are trying to be more sustainable and introduce them to you as well. And I wish there could be an open discussion about these issues in the comments as well.


Are you trying to be sustainable? If so what are your tips for a more sustainable life?

These pics are from my resent walk in a park near me. I thought pictures of nature is suitable to the topic.


With love,



6 thoughts on “My sustainability

  1. Hi, Lii!
    Thank you for your visit to my blog. I don’t know Paris but I know it’s a lovers ‘ dream. Never was mine, but I think it’s a beautiful city, seeing in movies and pictures. It’s inspiring!

    I read your article on sustainability and I identified too. For years I’ve been trying to improve my attitude and so I taught my kids and grandkids too. Are small details that make a big difference, for us and for the planet. I went to see the videos from Oscar and I signed up in the channel of Leonardo DiCaprio. Thank you so much for opening these new paths for me!
    Have a nice day!!!
    * I used a translator.

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  2. Hey Lii! Great post. Thank you for sharing. It’s nice to inspire people to think more sustainable. I like to recycle and eat organic. I know it’s not much but it might just help to improve our environment a tiny bit. 🙂

    xox Sia


    1. Hi, Sia! Yes, I think every bit helps 🙂 and I am planning to write about small easy things what
      we can do, in the future, so pop along if you want to read about it 🙂


  3. Nice post! I try recycle as much as I can and keep a small trash bin with the intention to have little to no trash to dispose of. I carry a thermos/flask with me daily and avoid bottled water. I use solid hair products and make my own cosmetics. I consume less and try up cycling clothes or switch them with friends to freshen up my wardrobe. Check my blog SEASTAINABILITY for DIY tips. X


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