What inspires me this week

This is one of the subjects that I want to write to you about. What inspires me. I get inspiration from so many things and for various reasons. Sometimes I am inspired to move forward with my ideas, sometimes I am inspired to make a design or a drawing and sometimes the inspiration just touches me and I can be speechless for a while. So hopefully my inspirations might provide some inspiration to you as well!

This week I was inspired by the Oscars. It was not the wonderful dresses or the beauty on the red carpet, but rather the message. I am sure everybody has heard, or at least read about Leonardo Dicaprio’s acceptance speech, where he spoke about climate change. Amazing! Not only was I happy for him for winning an Oscar finally, I was inspired by giving a meaningful speech in such a situation! If you have not seen it have a look here.


Leo was not the only one who inspired me during Oscars. I loved the song performed by Lady Gaga and the message about abuse. You can check it out here.

And there is the topic about which I did not read in any news, but stumbled upon myself. Christ Rock’s Oscar speech in the beginning. He addressed the #oscarssowhite controversy with such intelligence. I mean I laughed a lot, but he had a point through out the speech. Check it here.


While the Oscars were on I was sleeping, so I learned about it on Facebook. Among many many congratulations to Leo I read a comment that made stop. “I miss the Oscar’s when people thanked their families and did not make it about their causes”.

Of course when people are watching Oscars it is the entertainment they want, rather than have to be bombarded with different causes that people believe in. On the other hand, at the moment we live in a word where we are bombarded with so many different messages all the time that half of it will go by us unnoticed. At Oscars people are switched on, they are listening and they are paying attention. Why would you not address such an audience? I found this Oscars to be more memorable, because of the messages. These people are our role models and they are acting as such, which I find much more interesting than just a thank you speech to a bunch of people who I do not know.

I have been following Leo’s activism for climate for a while, and love him for the what he is doing! Because of him I followed @Oceana on Instagram. Not only do they have amazing pictures of sea animals, but it does let you know new information about climate change and the problems with seas.

What are you inspired about this week?

With love,



P.S. The awesome artwork is purely my own making, although I took some inspiration from Google search on Oscars.


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